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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 28 August 2017

The simmering South China Sea dispute between Mainland China and various Asian Countries is, with the exception of Islamic Terror and Kim’s bizarre North Korea, one of Australia’s most inescapable security challenges to be faced by our people since the end of World War II  that saw surrender by the Japanese empire. At stake is our long term security relationship with the United States’ and our ineludible trade relationship with the PRC; both demanding greater commitments from Australia which risk becoming mutually exclusive. The Americans were less than impressed following the yet to be properly explained Coalition blessed sale

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The South China Sea – A Chinese Viewpoint

Further to the article on Aggressive Neighbors we thought it reasonable to present the Chinese viewpoint. Recently I read an article on how a senior Chinese[1]  General views the South China Sea issue. Peng stated and we quote “stressing that he would express his own personal ideas; he was not representing official positions of the Chinese government or the PLA.”[2] Peng’s forthright comments are nationalistic and subtly forceful as one would expect. Keeping in mind the history of the region it seems that China is determined to implement its patriotic policy. Peng said and we quote “Let me give you