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Human Folly

Humans have been blessed with attributes far exceeding those of animals yet as a species we seem to be hell bent on self-destruction and the destruction of the planet we inhabit. Considering our evolution, the urge to conquer and dominate as proven by history is deeply ingrained in our psyche. Sadly the development of the human brain seems to have been infected with an unknown ‘virus’ which in more recent times is creating havoc across the globe. For the purpose of this text let’s call the virus ‘moronic lunacy’. Sadly, rather than cohesion and cooperation the human species is

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Dumb, Dumb and Dumber – Political Insanity

As summer approaches the days get longer and temperatures rise it seems that our Pollys are suffering from heat stroke and delusional aspirations when it comes to their latest brain snap. The Daily Mail reports Islamic extremists born overseas will be given a deportation ultimatum under a new Australian government plan. Foreign extremists will be given one month to enrol in a deradicalisation program or risk being deported, The Daily Telegraph reported. Community Protection Intervention Orders could be used to enforce bans and curfews on extremists, otherwise they will be at risk of having visas cancelled. Excuse me while I find

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Aussie Exploitation

Aussie Aged Care Rip Off After the airing of a Four Corners report on Australia’s multi-billion dollar retirement village industry it appears obvious that the Aveo business model favours exorbitant profiteering over fair and equitable business practices. Some Aveo residents feel used, abused and swindled by the lengthy, confusing and convoluted agreements they signed. Aged people are some of the most vulnerable in our society and need to be treated with respect and dignity. Each in their own way they have contributed to our society and it is incumbent on our governments to ensure their retirement status is not

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Sober up Ciobo!

A snippet in the GCB with the headline – “Booze not to blame for violence – Ciobo” grabbed our attention. The Federal Tourism Minister Steven Ciobo speaking at the Australian Liquor Stores Association conference clearly attempted to disassociate entertainment precinct violence from the overindulgence of alcohol. He cited ‘lack of transport’ as the reason for street violence by late night clubbers and bar hoppers. Naturally as a responsible intelligent government minister, what else could he have said? Yes we have another uninformed person with his head in the clouds openly supporting the nation’s biggest social scourge – alcohol abuse