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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 9 October 2017

Could NSW State Labor Leader Luke Foley be considering going Federal? [Are NSW state issues are getting boring for him?] As reported in page two of the Australian newspaper [September 27th] by Primrose Riordan “Labor leader aligns with China on BRI”. NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has fully endorsed Red China’s global infrastructure fund and mimicked language used by Beijing officials in attacking Australia’s media for being driven by a Cold War mentality towards the Communist governed nation. Mr Foley and prominent NSW Labor MP Ernest Wong [tied to a prominent Chinese political donor] , hosted a media conference

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 26 September 2017

Powerhouse saga continues; this is what we have been commenting on for past 6 months. NSW lurches from unnecessary crises to crises, of their own doing and most likely will continue up until to the 2019 state election as the government appears unable to help itself. Council amalgamations, failed greyhound racing ‘reforms’ and ultimately the continued unravelling Powerhouse Museum saga.   SMH front page Tuesday, August 29th; “Billion-dollar Power trip” by correspondent, Nick O`Malley illustrates how NSW stands accused of excessive secrecy through its decision for the wholesale relocation of Ultimo’s Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. Expert witnesses appearing before an

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Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 29 August 2017

Is NSW on its way to becoming a ‘failed state’? I will outline some recent core examples of alarming mismanagement of community assets being engineered by an irresponsible, unintelligent NSW government which is leading its Citizens’ into a debt ridden, proto-Argentinian ‘hunger games’ future of economic chaos. The unnecessary ‘knee jerk’ total removal of the powerhouse Museum from Ultimo at a staggering estimated cost to State taxpayers’ of around One Billion dollars; and actively encouraged by the Daily Telegraph’s interstate WA originated NSW political reporter who seemingly ignores positive advantages of the current Museum site’s proximity to international hotels

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Grant Goldman editorial Wednesday 9 August 2017

Politicising the Powerhouse and Parramatta Part 2 (Part 1) Yesterday, I identified subjective media coverage by the Telegraph newspaper as bearing significant influence for the unexpected knee-jerk Powerhouse about face by the Premier. The resultant complete removal of the iconic Powerhouse museum from Ultimo to Parramatta could cost up to a billion taxpayer dollars plus putting at serious risk the future of an existing historic buildings as well as potential for damage of irreplaceable displays likely incurred during transportation. At no stage did the newspaper acknowledge the existing rich and underutilised cultural heritage already present in Parramatta, such as

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 13 July 2017

Privatisation Premier I was hoping the break-neck privatisation velocity that voters came to expect from former NSW Premier Baird wouldn’t infect his heir apparent. I chose to give the incoming Premier a fair go. I waited for an improvement and I am sad to say I think that I may have got things a little wrong. So, what does a new NSW Premier do when addicted to income derived from unwholesome privatisations of their publics’ assets? Answer is: look around, look far and wide, look in money boxes, look in hollow logs; until one finds something, anything, no matter

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 28 April 2017

Piratizations Is the Daily Telegraph currently out of step with public opinion by endorsing the recent privatisation sprees and at the same time conducting a crusade against an existing Sydney museum? NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has apparently unlocked a $3 billion war chest by flogging the state’s land titles registry. It is believed that much of the proceeds will be pumped into rebuilding Parramatta Stadium and upgrading the ANZ Stadium. An Australian led private consortium has snapped up the land titles office on a 35 Year lease by the state government now reaping in a higher –than – expected

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 31 March 2017

The Berejiklian Backflip We have a freshly minted NSW Premier in the Honourable Gladys Berejiklian and I genuinely wish her well. In doing so, I remind her that she is welcome on this programme at any time and that I sincerely herein supply courtesy of the Super Radio Network airwaves some helpful listener inspired electoral advice. Obviously for the honourable Gladys to succeed as premier she requires the confidence of the lower house of the NSW parliament. Put simply, the Libs and Nat’s Coalition will need to remain in a legislative assembly majority post March, 2019. Therefore, Premier Gladys

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Lobbyist impact driving NSW!

What impact might lobbyists have on the freshly minted NSW Government? As Reported by Sean Nicholls in the Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 10th February 2017; entitled, ‘The problems Berejiklian isn’t talking about can’t stay off the table’. Since Gladys Berejiklian was sworn in as NSW Premier she has hit the ground running, she has announced some priority areas like local infrastructure, housing affordability, a strong economy and is contemplating repairing the damage caused by unpopular policies such as forced council mergers. However, there are a few issues you are unlikely to hear Berejiklian talking about with any relish.

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Grant Goldman Editorial for January 31 2017

Just eleven sleeps ago on January the 18th, 2017 then NSW Premier Mike Baird stunned the NSW public by resigning virtually without notice. He has since left parliament and his former electorate office lays abandoned of its elected representative and it is now awaiting an incoming member of parliament to be decided at a soon to be held forthcoming by-election. What caused this unexpected political meltdown? A Personal Breakdown of sorts? If so, not unlike John Brogden before him; he deserves our empathy, understanding and best personal wishes given the harshness that public life exerts on ones’ family. Not

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Is NSW for sale to the highest political donors?

Fears petrol prices will increase!  as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on page 14, October 28 2016. ‘Favour for a political donor’: Retailers slam ethanol rules by Sean Nicholls. Angry fuel retailers are accusing the NSW government of doing the bidding of a political donor and putting motorists at risk of higher fuel prices over plans to boost the sales of E10 petrol.  Better Regulations Minister Victor Dominello has outlined the rules to determine which retailers will have to sell the E10 blend of ethanol and regular unleaded for the first time and an exemption regime to shield

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Today, let’s ask the question, how big should Sydney be? The Sydney Morning Herald of September 12 carried an article by Jacob Saulwick and  Kieran Gair headed  “Sydney population booms and the only way is up and in”.  From the article we learned that the population of Sydney is surging faster than predicted, putting more pressure on the city`s already-stretched housing and transport needs.  NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes spins this news as a symptom of Sydney`s success with the release by the State Government of figures showing the city`s population is expected to leap by more than 2.1