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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 11 October 2017

Go the NIMBYS! The State Government is encouraged by the Business Council of Australia to think big when it comes to our future but at what cost! Who pays, it’s you the voter-taxpayer not the Business Community? Don’t they now know that any assets of value that was producing rivers of gold income streams for the Government are now gone, after already being flogged-off by ‘fire sale’ Mike!  Our asset cupboard is now Baird!  [Taxation being the only remaining means to raise state revenue]. Reported in the Daily Telegraph’s front page of October 9; Think again by Mathew Benns;

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Aggressive Neighbors

An editorial which appeared in The Global Times last week and reported on by The Daily Mail should be a wake up call to all levels of Australian government that there is trouble smoldering and that Australia is a target of aggression not only from IS but also from its neighbors. Wake up Australia! The past few years have seen the world fall victim to criminal gangs using religion as an excuse for their atrocities, countries invaded, millions of peoples displaced by their governments and many other acts of violence and aggression globally. This level of violence combined with

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Australia Buffeted and Floundering …… ???

Welcome to another beautiful day in the free democratic land of Australia. Where elected governments listen to their voters and place the people who put them on their ivory thrones before their own egotistical ambitions and the foreign raiders with hidden agendas. This brief essay is in response to the fact that Australia has lost its way and soon will lose its identity as an Anglo nation part of the once British Empire. Australia stands alone, buffeted not only by the waves that surround it but by its immediate neighbors and countries further afield who seek to plunder the resources

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Freedom of Speech

Wednesday 27 July Sonia Kruger What do Sonia Kruger, Kerrianne Kennerly and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson have in common?  Each is articulate, each is in the public eye, each is willing to express an opinion, and each of these ladies is in favour of freedom of speech. For a couple of decades the misogynists have been stringgering at Pauline Hanson, and some of them have scuttled away with their tails between their legs. Recently the misogynists found another target in the form of Sonia Kruger, who came under vicious attack for simply expressing a legitimate concern which the great majority

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Culture Clash!

It was written somewhere that the Russian revolutionary leader Lenin once described people who were naive enough to support something they didn’t really understand as ‘useful idiots’. The hard left in Australia are stupid enough not to realise that they are being exploited by hard line Muslim radicals. ‘Useful idiots’ indeed. It is unfortunate that western society’s immigration policies have neglected to foresee and understand that some cultures are alien to our way of life and that the world is not, and it seems will not be for a long time, be ready for the mass integration of cultures.

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Important Question – Is our government working to a script delivered by the globalists?

Grant Goldman Wed 22 Jue 2016 Here is an election campaign question:  Is our government working to a script delivered by the globalists? It was Malcolm Turnbull who introduced a Portfolio of Cities and a Minister for Cities named Jamie Briggs.  Much of the government’s so called smart cities policy is remarkably similar to that which is contained in the United Nations treaties known as Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop ratified Agenda 2030 for the Turnbull Government.   Sustainable Development Goal # 9 from Agenda 2030 treaty is entitled, “Build Resilient Infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable