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When a comment should go front page.

Morning Mail regulars are likely  well acquainted with Jack Richards whom always makes compelling comment. This one from last Saturday piqued one  reader’s interest enough to request permission to reprint it elsewhere. Both MM and Jack hope the reader does so. We encourage all our readers to widely broadcast anything we post—for the good of the conservative cause, of course! Given the agenda of MSM blogs like MM strive to serve people that know how to think rather than what to think. Jack Richards If SSM is legalised it will require changes to about 60 existing laws PLUS they’ll

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Inspiring Social Discord

Freedom but at what expense? Freedom is one wonderful benefit of living in Australia. Look around the world at the repressive regimes delivering poverty and misery to their peoples. We should be embracing the positive aspects of our country but sadly sections of our community delight in creating division. Since the advent and explosion of social media all it takes is a few frustrated thoughtless people to post vexing comments on the likes of Facebook and Twitter and before you’ve finished your coffee the world is awakened to like-minded individuals, some of whom push their agenda into the political

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 19 April 2017

Arise! Emeritus Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. A recent post on The Daily Mail Australia has Tony Abbott calling for The Human Rights Commission to be axed, questioning Gillian Triggs agency for failing to pursue the pro-sharia law group Hizb ut-Tahrir who described domestic violence as ‘beautiful’. The former prime minister wants the Australian Humans Right Commission wound up and has hit out at ‘nanny state bureaucracies that persecute journalists but do nothing about Muslim extremists’. Well said Mr. Abbott, it’s about time these radical, seditious groups were outlawed and if they are already registered as being criminals and aren’t

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Freedom of Expression Denied

FREE SPEECH DENIED Since the dawn of mankind expression of emotion in one form or another has been a natural part of human interaction. Our government is denying all Australians the right to FREE speech. It’s worrying to think that in the few short years of man’s (oops! not politically correct I should have written ‘human’ for fear of being labeled ‘sexist’) development Australia has achieved such a high level of political correctness that we need an arbitrator to censor our daily expression of emotion. Laughable isn’t it? This expression of emotion whether it be in the form of

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Australian Race Hate Laws

As the world is plagued by serious acts of violence aimed at each other for reasons best known only to themselves the Australian government is only fuelling the fire of hatred and disconnect by enacting laws like 18C. Governments should have no jurisdiction when it comes to FREE SPEECH or personal choices, likes and dislikes. By taking sides and legislating against an individual’s free speech and free choice in such a way they are empowering the very individuals who come to this country for help but in fact have no respect for our laws, traditions and way of life.

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Grant Goldman Editorial 8 March 2017

Deplorables US President Donald Trump has signed a revised executive order banning citizens from six Muslim-majority nations from travelling to the USA for ninety days so to enable their extreme vetting program to be properly implemented. A notable exclusion from the country list was Iraq because Iraq’s Shia sympathetic government has imposed new vetting procedures, heightened visa screening, data sharing and has been extremely active on the ground in ridding its territory of Sunni Islamist militants. In the Middle Eastern Muslim world a permanent state of crisis and Civil war exists between the Shia and Sunni sub branches of

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Australian 2016 Census

Here is another example of governments abusing their power by imposing laws that place everyone’s privacy at risk. We understand that they need certain information but this census is going over the top and many people are wary of the government’s intention to request names and retain other associated information for long periods of time. Nothing digital today is 100% secure. We noticed Nick Xenophon on the news this evening refusing to put his name to the census form he completes. All Australians should do the same. Identity theft is growing at a fast pace with no means to

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Freedom of Speech

Wednesday 27 July Sonia Kruger What do Sonia Kruger, Kerrianne Kennerly and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson have in common?  Each is articulate, each is in the public eye, each is willing to express an opinion, and each of these ladies is in favour of freedom of speech. For a couple of decades the misogynists have been stringgering at Pauline Hanson, and some of them have scuttled away with their tails between their legs. Recently the misogynists found another target in the form of Sonia Kruger, who came under vicious attack for simply expressing a legitimate concern which the great majority

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Sonia Kruger and Free Speech!

Sonia Kruger Australia where is your voice? Stop for a moment and reflect upon your life, what you have, the environment you share and your freedoms. All the ignorant do-good and leftist political parties can do to gain points is to knock Australians who have genuine concerns about the state of affairs and direction Australia is headed. How come, respectable, peace loving Australians are criticized for their justifiable comments about the lawless, free loading immigrants our governments let into this country who aim to destroy our culture and way of life. To the news corporations and government of this