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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 11 October 2017

Go the NIMBYS! The State Government is encouraged by the Business Council of Australia to think big when it comes to our future but at what cost! Who pays, it’s you the voter-taxpayer not the Business Community? Don’t they now know that any assets of value that was producing rivers of gold income streams for the Government are now gone, after already being flogged-off by ‘fire sale’ Mike!  Our asset cupboard is now Baird!  [Taxation being the only remaining means to raise state revenue]. Reported in the Daily Telegraph’s front page of October 9; Think again by Mathew Benns;

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Freedom of Expression Denied

FREE SPEECH DENIED Since the dawn of mankind expression of emotion in one form or another has been a natural part of human interaction. Our government is denying all Australians the right to FREE speech. It’s worrying to think that in the few short years of man’s (oops! not politically correct I should have written ‘human’ for fear of being labeled ‘sexist’) development Australia has achieved such a high level of political correctness that we need an arbitrator to censor our daily expression of emotion. Laughable isn’t it? This expression of emotion whether it be in the form of

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Today, let’s ask the question, how big should Sydney be? The Sydney Morning Herald of September 12 carried an article by Jacob Saulwick and  Kieran Gair headed  “Sydney population booms and the only way is up and in”.  From the article we learned that the population of Sydney is surging faster than predicted, putting more pressure on the city`s already-stretched housing and transport needs.  NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes spins this news as a symptom of Sydney`s success with the release by the State Government of figures showing the city`s population is expected to leap by more than 2.1

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Kindergarten Pollys

A new parliament sitting – another term of bickering and bull sh–! So what’s different in this new term of parliament? Actually nothing when it comes to the childish behavior these clowns who call themselves politicians display. We can’t believe that they have the gall and audacity to draw a wage when all they do is bicker and jostle for political power and position at the expense of the Australian voters. Australia and its population suffer the consequences of these idiots who are supposed to be running the country. Frankly it’s disgusting and worrying that Australia cannot find one

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Double Dissolution

Grant Goldman Double Dissolution                   Monday 23 May 2016 Australia is now holding its 45th Federal general election.  Since the first of January, 1901 when the Commonwealth of Australia came into being, only six double dissolution elections have been held.  Section 57 of the Commonwealth Constitution allows for the simultaneous election of all parliamentary positions of the Lower House (the House of Representatives) and all of the Upper House (the Senate). For the senate, using proportional representation, each state sends twelve senators to Canberra and each territory elects two senators.  By electing all of the senate (as opposed to half