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Human Folly

Humans have been blessed with attributes far exceeding those of animals yet as a species we seem to be hell bent on self-destruction and the destruction of the planet we inhabit. Considering our evolution, the urge to conquer and dominate as proven by history is deeply ingrained in our psyche. Sadly the development of the human brain seems to have been infected with an unknown ‘virus’ which in more recent times is creating havoc across the globe. For the purpose of this text let’s call the virus ‘moronic lunacy’. Sadly, rather than cohesion and cooperation the human species is

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Death of Cash Continued

Death of Cash Continued  – Operation India; Watch out the Aussie $100 Note! On the 19th of February, 2016 : I spoke about the death of cash. Here’s a part of what I said back then. Do the terms, Bit-Coin, block-Chain, Pay-Wave & RFID sound familiar? Mint Payments say that Australians currently withdraw more than $11 Billion from ATMs each month. Moreover, research reveals that breakthroughs in    e-commerce technology, including Smartphone payment advances and tablet transactions becoming standard, plus E-tolls, Public Transport Opal cards and the plastic cards currently residing in  wallets could lead to the death of cash within