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Cracked – Fractured – Broken

How else should one describe the disorder the world is experiencing and how has it reached the point of no return? Since the end of the Second World War it was hoped that peace would prevail throughout the globe and societies would embrace the opportunity to advance themselves and prosper. Fast forward to 2017 and take a snapshot of life on planet earth. It’s not what the masses envisaged. Conflict, discord and dissension are the norm and humans are becoming more and more desensitised to the violence, rape and pillage on the streets with no end in sight of

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 7 March 2017

Coal Seam Gas The extraction of Coal Seam Gas is a contentious issue. Energy companies claim their methods and testing procedures support a CLEAN industry standard while the land owners who are at the mercy of these bullies claim contamination levels are far exceeding safety standards. An engineer using a high-end infrared camera exposed the dirty secret of the CSG industry – their gas fields are spewing out raw methane into the atmosphere at an alarming rate. Coal Seam Gas exploration is increasing at breakneck speed across Australia. Of concern to those opposed to CSG is a recently submitted

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Coal Seam Gas

Is the coal seam gas industry damaging Australia’s environment? Naturally the coal seam gas companies will refute any suggestions that their ‘precious’ industry is in any way causing land and water contamination placing landowners health at risk. It appears that no side of government is prepared to take the issue seriously. Let’s be honest, the government overrides the landowners wishes when granting mining leases approving coal seam gas extraction or any other mining activity. Money has to come first, yes? We are not saying ‘no’ to mining however the first considerations should be given to the landowners and the