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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 11 October 2017

Go the NIMBYS! The State Government is encouraged by the Business Council of Australia to think big when it comes to our future but at what cost! Who pays, it’s you the voter-taxpayer not the Business Community? Don’t they now know that any assets of value that was producing rivers of gold income streams for the Government are now gone, after already being flogged-off by ‘fire sale’ Mike!  Our asset cupboard is now Baird!  [Taxation being the only remaining means to raise state revenue]. Reported in the Daily Telegraph’s front page of October 9; Think again by Mathew Benns;

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Is your mattress stuffed?

Keeping your hoard of cash under the mattress may not be such a good idea. Are you in favour of a cashless society? Your government is colluding to remove $100 bills from circulation. The cashless society is again firmly in the governments cross hairs. Alan Kohler wrote an opinion piece in the Australian Business Review advocating for this to happen. Kohler’s view is that Australia should follow India’s lead where the government of Narendra Modi proclaimed the immediate withdrawal of 1,000 and 500 rupee notes from circulation, effective immediately – they were no longer legal tender. The ban removed

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Important Question – Is our government working to a script delivered by the globalists?

Grant Goldman Wed 22 Jue 2016 Here is an election campaign question:  Is our government working to a script delivered by the globalists? It was Malcolm Turnbull who introduced a Portfolio of Cities and a Minister for Cities named Jamie Briggs.  Much of the government’s so called smart cities policy is remarkably similar to that which is contained in the United Nations treaties known as Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop ratified Agenda 2030 for the Turnbull Government.   Sustainable Development Goal # 9 from Agenda 2030 treaty is entitled, “Build Resilient Infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable