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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 23 October 2017

RENEWABLE ENERGY Today I shall do something different by letting someone else write my editorial.  Not just someone else, but seven Queenslanders who all hold degrees in science or engineering.  Their names are D.J. Buchbach, Alex Campbell, Jim Elliot, Steve Howard, Don Mackintosh, Bob McCulloch and Des Pane.   These Queenslanders have written a remarkable open letter to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. I am going to share a shortened version with you, my alert listeners. We are a group of retired scientists and engineers in Queensland, and we are alarmed at the direction our country

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Political Dementia

In a world that is moving ever so close to nuclear war Australian politicians have their heads still buried in the sand. Globally there are serious conflicts, some of which have been ongoing for decades, others just emerging as flashpoints with the potential to escalate into civil war. The recent threats from North Korea should stir our political mob into developing some rational defense strategy rather than relying on outdated agreements made decades ago with once strong allies. The playing field and the players have changed. America is a declining world power, Great Britain is no longer ‘great’ and

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 18 October 2017

‘Western Sydney’s Aerotropolis’ + at what additional cost? Reported in the Daly Telegraph by Matthew Benns & Clarissa Bye; “Plane and gain for the west”, October, 12 {page 8} A fully developed western Sydney Airport could inject $22 Billion into the economy and create another 60,000 jobs, this article indicates; it must be further noted in this piece the figures suggested are for an airport at full capacity. Who came up with the 60,000 jobs estimate? However, Western Sydney must take care to avoid the mistakes of other second city airports around the world, which include Ciudad in Madrid,

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Adani & Government Complicity or Stupidity!

It’s somewhat difficult to understand, especially from a lay persons point of view, why Australia’s Federal and Queensland’s State Government are even considering allowing a company under investigation on fraud and environmental destruction charges to borrow tax payers money to the value of 1 Billion dollars when banks and private funding sources have refused to provide finance for Adani’s proposed Carmichael Coal project in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Outwardly it appears to be a simple case of MONEY over the ENVIRONMENT and the WISHES of the people. We all know who NOT to vote for at the coming Queensland election

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 9 October 2017

Could NSW State Labor Leader Luke Foley be considering going Federal? [Are NSW state issues are getting boring for him?] As reported in page two of the Australian newspaper [September 27th] by Primrose Riordan “Labor leader aligns with China on BRI”. NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has fully endorsed Red China’s global infrastructure fund and mimicked language used by Beijing officials in attacking Australia’s media for being driven by a Cold War mentality towards the Communist governed nation. Mr Foley and prominent NSW Labor MP Ernest Wong [tied to a prominent Chinese political donor] , hosted a media conference

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Cracked – Fractured – Broken

How else should one describe the disorder the world is experiencing and how has it reached the point of no return? Since the end of the Second World War it was hoped that peace would prevail throughout the globe and societies would embrace the opportunity to advance themselves and prosper. Fast forward to 2017 and take a snapshot of life on planet earth. It’s not what the masses envisaged. Conflict, discord and dissension are the norm and humans are becoming more and more desensitised to the violence, rape and pillage on the streets with no end in sight of

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When a comment should go front page.

Morning Mail regulars are likely  well acquainted with Jack Richards whom always makes compelling comment. This one from last Saturday piqued one  reader’s interest enough to request permission to reprint it elsewhere. Both MM and Jack hope the reader does so. We encourage all our readers to widely broadcast anything we post—for the good of the conservative cause, of course! Given the agenda of MSM blogs like MM strive to serve people that know how to think rather than what to think. Jack Richards If SSM is legalised it will require changes to about 60 existing laws PLUS they’ll

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Grant Goldman editorial Friday 25 August 2017

Australia, the land of Kookaburra laughter After reading an article in Wednesday’s Daily Telegraph entitled “No respect in equality” I thought I was in ‘coo-coo’ land waking up from some hallucinatory substance in total disbelief of the stupidity of society today. The article stated that the trade unions, apparently utterly hijacked by social justice warriors and in another moment of insanity, decided to pressure Australia Post into boycotting delivering “No” campaign material relating to the bizarre same sex marriage ABS postal survey. Wait for it, it gets better; vulnerable unionists’ evident reason for this outrageous bullying tactic is that

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 18 July 2017

Is the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement not worth the paper it’s written on? Here goes. Despite the so called China – Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) being in force, the continuing regulatory minefield that Australian companies must navigate to export agricultural foods into China [including where licences can seemingly be suspended at random and the rules can change overnight] has garnered another international victim because global dairy company giant, Parmalat’s Australian plant has been served with a suspension for its Chinese fresh milk export licence. This matter has come to our attention just days after the Australian infant milk

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 12 July 2017

A P.R.C. economic upheaval? Chinese investors spent $24 billion dollars on Australian real estate in the last year. The figure, put together by Chinese property listing site using data from the Foreign Investment Review Board, is up almost a third again from the previous financial year, when it was $18.4 billion. Sue Jong, Chief of Operations for, said Chinese investment in foreign real estate worldwide is forecast to exceed $100 billion by the end of the year. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 empty homes in Sydney. No wonder our property market is overpriced and unavailable

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Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 11 July 2017

Teachers Pets Cruelty to animals is an offence and is punishable by law; however Australian teachers are subjected to disgusting and unconscionable physical and emotional behaviour by the juvenile louts they are expected to teach. Yet the uncontrollable remain largely unpunished. Wht happens when these individuals leave school and enter mainstream society? It’s the responsibility of parents to properly chastise and educate their offspring in the correct manner to behave in our society so as to respect their peers and themselves. Sadly some parents might find controlling their difficult child to be a somewhat daunting task and sometimes it

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Blood on the Streets

When will Australian elected governments admit they got it wrong and are still getting it wrong when it comes to immigration policy by allowing radical activists, extremists and peoples with direct opposing views and radically violent beliefs to enter this country and settle here? The senseless killing of innocent people is a direct result of unchecked migration, unchecked subversion within Islamic communities, and migration of peoples from African countries who are enslaved to a violent existence. This is not necessarily their fault but rather the fault of their governments who openly encourage violence to support their power struggle. This

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 23 May 2017

Government defence department Stuff-Ups? The Royal Australian Navy has conceded there might be design faults with its two largest ships which have been docked in Sydney since March undergoing urgent repair work. This is another incident in a litany of serious stuff ups by government procurements of vital defence equipment. Think back to the Collins submarines, the six Collins class submarines in Australia’s fleet have been plagued by maintenance problems since the first one was launched in 1996.  So the government is considering various options to replace the fleet, including off-the-shelf, foreign-made subs, custom-made foreign subs or a fleet designed

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Adani Coal Mine in Queensland

Stop the Adani Coal Mine Let’s face the facts; the Queensland government is determined that the Adani mine deal go ahead no matter what and no matter at whose expense. Barnaby Joyce the deputy prime excuse for a politician is also in Adani’s corner spruiking the advantages of the project. The Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is kowtowing to the questionable Adani executives by giving the company a $320Million ‘Royalties Holiday’. Our question is WHY? What is it with Australian Pollys that they have to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, namely the environment? It should be mandatory

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 18 May 2017

Federal budget housing measures? Before 2009 Property developers could sell only 50% of new dwellings in any Australian residential development to foreign buyers as a way of ensuring housing stock was available for local buyers. However, what had followed occurred under the former federal Rudd Labor Government whose then assistant treasurer Chris Bowen initiated rule changes after being spooked by the GFC. He abolished the foreign limit for off the plan homes; and thereby allowing any overseas investors to buy entire housing developments; as long as the developers concerned were actively marketing locally as well as abroad. At the

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 12 April 2017

Gaffe after Gaffe after Gaffe! What is it with Australian politicians who continually stumble from making one disastrous decision after another at the expense of all of our taxpayer residents and citizens? Here are just a few instances where political decisions have placed the country in a serious dilemma socially, financially and economically affecting all Australians: The Housing Crisis – Fuelled by profiteering, the situation will continue creating more of a social divide than we have at the moment unless the rules are changed. Overseas investment and greed will push the market onward and upward until the citizens of

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 5 April 2017

Wrong Calls Today’s segment is entitled wrong calls. What do I mean? Let’s hear! We’re a resilient lot us Aussies. Sadly time changes everything and over the years the epitome of the traditional Aussie of times long past living a happy and contented life in the land of milk and honey has morphed into a melting pot of intolerance and in some cases hostility. Australia today is no longer the land of milk and honey because the future is uncertain and our population is becoming increasingly more restless as governments of every type and of each political persuasion continuously

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Grant Goldman Editorial 28 March 2017

Housing UN-Affordability in Australia Previously we wrote about the government’s inability to satisfactorily resolve the power crisis in Australia. Housing affordability is another example of social crises affecting millions of Australians. The dream of owning your own home is well beyond the reach of the majority of first home buyers within Sydney whose median home prices are creeping well beyond $660,000. These prices are also reflected in the residential rental market with a shortage of affordable properties. The alarming outcome from this growing problem is that the government is offering no effective solution to rectify the situation. Once again

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Government Spending

Once again the public are outraged by Australian governments lending an ear to a Muslim activist youth leader who went on a taxpayer-funded trip around the Middle East to promote her book courtesy of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade The Australian reported. According to the government, Australia is in a critical financial situation and politics instead of common sense are playing out in Canberra where yesterday the government hinted at increasing taxes to pay for the debt the previous Labor government and wasteful spending of this government has placed our country. The point is that there is

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Australian Graziers in the Government’s Crosshairs

Turnbull or is it Trumble? More Polly Waffle. They say nothing of substance; just dribble enough to appease the voters. The old saying “money talks” is again apparent as the Defence minister, whatever her name is, agreed to expand the already large war drill area to accommodate Singaporean troops by obliterating land owners, their history and their assets for a couple of billion dollars. According to press reports and tv current affairs programs compulsory acquisition of prime cattle country is likely to go ahead. Who in their right mind would destroy food producing property for a ‘Cowboy and Indian’