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Human Rights Commission!

Who are the real offenders when it comes to acrimonious propaganda being shoved in the face of every day Australians? Watching the latest tax payer funded advertising campaign by the Human Rights Commission one can only determine that it be disbanded and the bigots who continually put out this divisive propaganda should be deprecated for such actions. The HRC are the racists, they are creating such division within our nation and then blaming ordinary Australians, living ordinary lives for normal lifestyle choices. Politically correct, anti social bullshit is constantly being pushed in the face of ordinary Australians by the

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Dumb, Dumb and Dumber – Political Insanity

As summer approaches the days get longer and temperatures rise it seems that our Pollys are suffering from heat stroke and delusional aspirations when it comes to their latest brain snap. The Daily Mail reports Islamic extremists born overseas will be given a deportation ultimatum under a new Australian government plan. Foreign extremists will be given one month to enrol in a deradicalisation program or risk being deported, The Daily Telegraph reported. Community Protection Intervention Orders could be used to enforce bans and curfews on extremists, otherwise they will be at risk of having visas cancelled. Excuse me while I find

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 24 August 2017

Here’s why we need a federal ICAC  Yesterday, in this segment I reported on the Senator Pauline Hanson’s valiant and well publicised attempts to bring to the attention of the Australian political elite the issue of security risks posed by the Burqa. A garment that is alien to most Australian citizens. Today, I wish to illuminate another issue of paramount importance to our fast disappearing democracy. Thanks to a valuable and well considered contribution by another independent Senator. She’s a genuine ‘true blue’ Aussie and Tasmanian, the Honourable Jacqui Lambie. It could be that Clive’s political legacy is that

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Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 15 August 2017

Prakash Nation Yesterday I spoke about our Nation’s defence. In particular, our need to be equipped with economically viable military hardware and other capabilities against the threat of covetous nation states. However, in this era of asymmetric threats we need to be vigilant and prepared for the very real spectre of terrorism; especially of the extremist Islamist variant. An Australian man and so-called senior member of the Islamic State group is Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, or Neil Prakash. He was Melbourne born to a Cambodian mother and Fijian father. Converting from Buddhism to Islam in 2012 after supposedly being repulsed

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Grant Goldman editorial Friday 28 July 2017

  The senator Matt Canavan, ‘mamma did it’ scandal has already made the Italian press and for political junkies the section 44 constitutional crises are the political gift that never fails to enthral. Contrary to my earlier off-hand prediction that Australia’s very own Doctor Christmas; Senator Riccardo Di Natale wasn’t the third victim of the Australian parliaments’ most recent and ongoing democratically damaging political scandal; that being the constitutional question of a candidate’s overseas loyalty. Although, I did get the country right, Richard wasn’t so silly and knew in-advance of the potential pitfalls for his parliamentary career and ensured

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Labor Leftist Lobotomy

Over Paid Buffoons As we all know and are aware Australia is the land of ‘milk and honey’ with a booming economy and a multicultural society the envy of the world. Wow! That was a mouthful and I’m glad I could spit it out. The Tasmanian Opposition has been accused of moving to force “Middle Eastern” dress codes on school girls ahead of its annual state conference. This should be taken and understood by all who cherish the notion of democracy of exactly what the Australian Labor Party is all about. It is the precursor, in tandem with the

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Offended – Over What?

More Polly Waffle! How ridiculous and what a total waste of time and energy to have a senior government minister apologising over some glib comments made about same-sex marriage. Why is this even an issue? What is the entire hullabaloo about? The answer is, absolutely nothing. No wonder voters are turning their backs on politicians, especially the main stream mob. He said, you said, he did, you did, who cares, just get on with trying to manage the country. I would have thought there were more urgent issues to debate other than one’s personal sexual preferences. The people responsible

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Aussie Exploitation

Aussie Aged Care Rip Off After the airing of a Four Corners report on Australia’s multi-billion dollar retirement village industry it appears obvious that the Aveo business model favours exorbitant profiteering over fair and equitable business practices. Some Aveo residents feel used, abused and swindled by the lengthy, confusing and convoluted agreements they signed. Aged people are some of the most vulnerable in our society and need to be treated with respect and dignity. Each in their own way they have contributed to our society and it is incumbent on our governments to ensure their retirement status is not

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Polly’s Perks Up – Pensioners and People Down!

The Forgotten It’s wonderful news – our Polly’s are getting another pay rise of 2% and naturally they are at arm’s length from the decision makers who authorised this decision. It’s an amazing system that politicians have created where they get automatic pay increases adjudicated by the independent Remuneration Tribunal. Who put this Tribunal in place and who controls it? Yes you guessed it, the government! Apparently the Tribunal said it had received “notable increases in submissions” asking for pay rises “based at least in part on private sector remuneration” in a sign some public servants felt they weren’t

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 5 June 2017

Federal Labor holds a poll position; so it is probably time for us to get to know our potential future governing Labor party and a Shorten Prime Ministership? It looks most likely that we will have a Federal Labor Government in power following the next federal election according to the daily Telegraph of 29 May and if the current trends are anything to go by Mr Shorten can count on soon being PM. The future of this country is in the peoples’ hands, hardworking voters of Australia, so please seriously consider who you might with your precious ballot put

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Grant Goldman editorial Friday 2 June 2017

Who’s TRUMPING Who? Yes, the White House musical chairs fiasco is continuing with US President Donald Trump’s communications director, Mike Dubke resigning his post only 3 months after taking the job. It certainly Looks like Trump is acting out his television reality show ‘The Apprentice’ in real time. However, to be fair, we must say that our Aussie lot of in-harmonious infantile party representatives are no match for the almighty ‘TRUMPER’. At least it appears he’s in some sort of control of the hiring and firing department whereas our armatures have to ask prior permission from their commercial lobbyist

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 5 April 2017

Wrong Calls Today’s segment is entitled wrong calls. What do I mean? Let’s hear! We’re a resilient lot us Aussies. Sadly time changes everything and over the years the epitome of the traditional Aussie of times long past living a happy and contented life in the land of milk and honey has morphed into a melting pot of intolerance and in some cases hostility. Australia today is no longer the land of milk and honey because the future is uncertain and our population is becoming increasingly more restless as governments of every type and of each political persuasion continuously

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Australian Race Hate Laws

As the world is plagued by serious acts of violence aimed at each other for reasons best known only to themselves the Australian government is only fuelling the fire of hatred and disconnect by enacting laws like 18C. Governments should have no jurisdiction when it comes to FREE SPEECH or personal choices, likes and dislikes. By taking sides and legislating against an individual’s free speech and free choice in such a way they are empowering the very individuals who come to this country for help but in fact have no respect for our laws, traditions and way of life.

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The Reality of Now!

Welcome all. After watching a 4 Corners program entitled “The Age of Consequences” I was somewhat alarmed at the lack of acknowledgement and collaborative action by our astute politically correct politicians. Yes we are talking about climate change and the escalating effect it will have on global security, trade, migration and the security of Australia’s future. With most of Queensland drought declared and other parts of Australia suffering climatic changes affecting agriculture and livestock isn’t it possible that Australia is just as vulnerable as Africa with most of the continent consisting of uninhabitable arid land? The majority of the population

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Watt Power Crisis?

If you owned or had a financial stake in an electricity generating plant you would be ecstatic with the current rules that govern power generation and distribution within Australia. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Viewing their online marketing publications gives the public a warm secure feeling that as the video states “Our Vision – Energy Security for all Australians”. Wow! That’s great. Without being too critical of the publication of that marketing spiel on August 3 2015.  Its 2017 so what went wrong? As to be expected the power industry selloff by governments has created a ‘Profit First’

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Profits before People

It comes as no surprise to find out that since 2008 the big four Australian banks have been funding fossil fuel projects to the value of approximately $80 billion, including numerous Australian coal and gas projects. That’s what banks do, lend money. Another party to the application to mine is the Australian government and one would have thought that during the due diligence of the mining applications some consideration should have been given to protect Australian business and households against fluctuating market or contract pricing. We all feel the pain of paying exorbitant prices for electricity, gas and every

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Government Blowing Hot Air

Every major gas producing nation has some form of gas reservation policy or laws protecting business and households from the affect of fluctuating export market prices. The State of Western Australia does have a gas reservation policy, 15% of all gas produced has to stay within the state. So is the rest of Australia on another planet? Why can’t we act as a nation unified instead of pretending only Canberra exists? It would appear a common sense approach to guarantee the supply of gas at an affordable price to industry, business and the private sector. After all the gas is produced

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Grant Goldman Editorial for Thursday the 2nd of March 2017

Tony Abbott recently injected some much needed innovative policy formulations and differentiation with the sporting ALP and the One Nation parties into the national political debate. He was widely denounced by fake news outlets because it seemed to them that he was opaquely criticizing our dear glorious respected leader whose slender one seat working parliamentary majority (that itself includes as a single seat member the high profile Hon. Tony Abbott, a popular Current Warringah resident and still much loved immediate past former serving Australian Prime Minister). Now let me see if I can facetiously draw a really long bow

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Another Disruptive Enclave

A supporter of IS has been uncovered and arrested within an aggressive and violent Muslim community living in Young NSW. Local residents are afraid of the growing Muslim community. Thanks to thoughtless government immigration and border protection policies over the years Australia is faced with growing numbers of ghettoes where crime is rife and the authorities are powerless to control the scourge. Pauline Hanson commented that Australia should stop building mosques. From news reports and video footage it is obvious that radical Muslims are using these centres as a front for covert activity. It’s about time someone in this

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Scuttled Again!

It’s been some time since the public was updated on the progress of Australia’s defence purchases. It appears that the Australian governments purchase of 12 new submarines from the French company DCNS[1] will end up to be another mammoth disastrous decision similar to the debacle of the Collins Class submarines. Another concern is the purchase of military aircraft on order[2]. Worrying comments relating to the combat plane’s performance[3] are of concern, so why isn’t the government questioning these concerns? What is it about the politicians we elect that they don’t seem to have the capacity of logical thinking. The