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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 28 September 2017

‘Fire Sale Mike’ endorses Gladys Bairdjiklian’s policy direction.  As reported in the Daily Telegraph of September 1st [page 23] “Baird our premier dad”; it warns others not to put their careers ahead of family, by Annabel Hennessy. Bambi said he had been watching from afar and thought Gladys Berejiklian was doing an awesome job. Why is the immediate-past former Premier so supportive of Gladys?  Probably because they are one in the same. She is following his policies. Despite this, when Baird’s hand-picked successor took over his reign as Premier [and conveniently, whilst rival Premiership aspirant Doctor ROB STOKES was

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Grant Goldman editorial 1 August 2017

‘Fire sale Baird’ at it again. As Reported in the Weekend Australian’s Business Review of July 22; Page 25 “Banker Baird wants piece of US infrastructure action” by Andrew White. This is further illuminated again in the July 22nd Sydney Morning Herald’s Business day [page 3]; entitled “Baird eyes gains from asset recycling” by Clancy Yeates.  The former premier kicked off a massive wave of privatisations and infrastructure buildings, and now as a banker Mike Baird is hoping to repeat the ploy on an unassuming international stage.  He helped pioneer asset recycling by privatising the NSW public’s assets such

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 17 July 2017

Administrators, Developers, Lobbyists and the implausible NSW Government My Listeners’ are very aware that I have been generally supportive of Council amalgamations because of possible costs saving that will likely result from integrated administration. However, recently it looks as if there is a lot more to this policy because the NSW state government appears to be cynically taking advantage of the administration period of suspended democracy by charging ahead with approval for questionable developments well before any legitimately popularly elected Council can emerge to determine them in the peoples’ interests through elected mandate. Regardless, the merged-councils’ have intrinsic freshly

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 13 July 2017

Privatisation Premier I was hoping the break-neck privatisation velocity that voters came to expect from former NSW Premier Baird wouldn’t infect his heir apparent. I chose to give the incoming Premier a fair go. I waited for an improvement and I am sad to say I think that I may have got things a little wrong. So, what does a new NSW Premier do when addicted to income derived from unwholesome privatisations of their publics’ assets? Answer is: look around, look far and wide, look in money boxes, look in hollow logs; until one finds something, anything, no matter

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 12 July 2017

A P.R.C. economic upheaval? Chinese investors spent $24 billion dollars on Australian real estate in the last year. The figure, put together by Chinese property listing site using data from the Foreign Investment Review Board, is up almost a third again from the previous financial year, when it was $18.4 billion. Sue Jong, Chief of Operations for, said Chinese investment in foreign real estate worldwide is forecast to exceed $100 billion by the end of the year. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 empty homes in Sydney. No wonder our property market is overpriced and unavailable

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 21 June 2017

Fed’s Contempt for Heritage? [Continued]  Australia Post first announced it intended placing all seven state capital city GPO’s on the market and it was then they previously maintained that a majority 60% stake would remain in Australian proprietorship; additionally a locally controlled trust would maintain a 40% holding. Independent advisers were appointed, public consultation initiated and likewise the process appeared to be quite sound. However and mysteriously that plan has since silently vanished. It seems that nobody had heard any more of the foreshadowed asset sales until an article suddenly appeared in the commercial property pages of the Australian

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 26 April 2017

Humpty Australia Dumpty Is Australia in danger of falling? Listening to the rhetoric of politicians there is an air of uncertainty, and reading their body language it’s as if they, themselves believe their clock of luck is ticking out. Eventually, sooner than later the people of Australia will wake up to the fact that politicians, banks, and corporations have sold Australians out for their own selfish power play. One of the top domestic issues is our government’s lack of consideration and foresight regarding the security of electricity and gas supply for our nation at affordable prices, especially on the

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Australian Graziers in the Government’s Crosshairs

Turnbull or is it Trumble? More Polly Waffle. They say nothing of substance; just dribble enough to appease the voters. The old saying “money talks” is again apparent as the Defence minister, whatever her name is, agreed to expand the already large war drill area to accommodate Singaporean troops by obliterating land owners, their history and their assets for a couple of billion dollars. According to press reports and tv current affairs programs compulsory acquisition of prime cattle country is likely to go ahead. Who in their right mind would destroy food producing property for a ‘Cowboy and Indian’

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Chinese Tactical Maneuvering

On August 13 2016 we wrote an article ‘Endgame’ outlining reported acquisitions by Chinese interests. The news report Jan 5 2017 ‘Communist China moves against Trump, asserts control over strategic ports’ details specific procurement by Chinese state controlled corporations masquerading as private entities. In Australia it appears that a blind man could have seen the surreptitious manoeuvring by Chinese entities throwing money at State and Federal governments to secure key infrastructure within the nation. No matter, MONEY talks, even at the expense of Australia’s future, unfortunately blind men never get elected to government. Australia is being manipulated by all

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‘In time, this world will be China’s’

“In time, this world will be China’s” It could be the title for a Bond movie but it refers to a comment made by a brother of one of China’s richest men. The Ye Cheng family, Chinese billionaires behind the contentious  Landbridge Group acquisition of the Port of Darwin. Adding to this another world port has been purchased – read more. Should Australia be concerned about handing control of a major northern port to foreign interests – YES is our answer. Stop to look at how China is positioning itself globally. While the world is distracted by global conflict and