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Polly’s Perks Up – Pensioners and People Down!

The Forgotten It’s wonderful news – our Polly’s are getting another pay rise of 2% and naturally they are at arm’s length from the decision makers who authorised this decision. It’s an amazing system that politicians have created where they get automatic pay increases adjudicated by the independent Remuneration Tribunal. Who put this Tribunal in place and who controls it? Yes you guessed it, the government! Apparently the Tribunal said it had received “notable increases in submissions” asking for pay rises “based at least in part on private sector remuneration” in a sign some public servants felt they weren’t

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Extracts from a Changing World

The world is changing, and once-strong democracies are struggling with economic, military, safety and other challenges. Historians Will and Ariel Durant concluded that democracies are “hectic interludes” between other, more stable, forms of government, and they are “the most difficult of all forms of government” (The Lessons of History, pp. 69, 77). The Durant’s observed that if modern democracies falter, “the road to dictatorship will be open to any man who can persuasively promise security to all” (ibid., pp. 79-80). Iran is testing the waters with the new American President. “Iran conducted its first ballistic missile test under Donald