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Political Dementia

In a world that is moving ever so close to nuclear war Australian politicians have their heads still buried in the sand. Globally there are serious conflicts, some of which have been ongoing for decades, others just emerging as flashpoints with the potential to escalate into civil war. The recent threats from North Korea should stir our political mob into developing some rational defense strategy rather than relying on outdated agreements made decades ago with once strong allies. The playing field and the players have changed. America is a declining world power, Great Britain is no longer ‘great’ and

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Winners and Losers – Who’s Playing Who!

When it comes to politics there is never a level playing field. Bill Shortens handshake deal with the CMFEU (Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union) is another example of individuals putting their own ambitions before that of the country they were elected to represent. This sellout guaranteed Bill Shorten the numbers to beat his opponent Anthony Albanese for the leadership of the labor party. This is not so much about the union movement but rather another insight into the back room deals that play out within our political system. The public who vote rarely get who or what they voted