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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 10 April 2017

WAS PRESIDENT TRUMP RIGHT? I Think Not! On 24 March 1999, then US President Bill Clinton launched a campaign of destruction against Serbia, with 2,300 missiles and 14,000 bombs reportedly falling on Serbian targets. The beneficiaries of this destruction were the Kosovo Liberation Army, a terrorist organisation funded substantially by criminality, especially the drug trade. Four years earlier Clinton had persuaded NATO to bomb Serbian targets during the Bosnian War. Numerous contemporary first-hand accounts have illuminated us to the residual health effects of NATO ordinance that contained depleted uranium having the undesirable consequence of many, mainly ordinary Serbian and

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Grant Goldman Editorial 8 March 2017

Deplorables US President Donald Trump has signed a revised executive order banning citizens from six Muslim-majority nations from travelling to the USA for ninety days so to enable their extreme vetting program to be properly implemented. A notable exclusion from the country list was Iraq because Iraq’s Shia sympathetic government has imposed new vetting procedures, heightened visa screening, data sharing and has been extremely active on the ground in ridding its territory of Sunni Islamist militants. In the Middle Eastern Muslim world a permanent state of crisis and Civil war exists between the Shia and Sunni sub branches of

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Fake News – Fake Trump

Who really knows what’s going on within the Trump administration? Fake news, no news, lies and scandal, this is only the beginning, keep watching this channel for more entertaining adventures of Trump, Trump & Trump. This could make The Simpsons pale in comparison except for the fact that this is real time and the real world where glib comments, tweets and meaningless rhetoric can have serious consequences. This guy is a danger to himself and his country as he continues to engage his mouth before engaging his brain. Is it possible for a narcissistic ‘lover of women’ as he