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Taxed to the Limit

If you can manage to navigate and absorb information from the Treasury website you are a genius. From what we understand Australian’s pay at least 125 different taxes each year, and there could be as many as 160 different state taxes and 259 taxes nationally. And not let’s forget local government taxes in the form of rates and the like. It doesn’t stop there. Yes, there’s more ……….. The Australian Taxation Office issues approximately 10,000 rulings each year (based on the average taken between 2000 – 2008). Not bad for a country with 24 million people. They must take

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Doubling the GST

GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL 1 SEPTEMBER 2016 In his Maiden Speech to Parliament, the newly elected Liberal MP for Goldstein in Victoria, whose name is Tim Wilson, has called for the GST to be doubled to 20%, Here is a fellow who has been in the Parliament for five minutes and he already wants to attack the Australia people by doubling the GST.  Tim Wilson was appointed by Tony Abbott as Human Rights Commissioner, which means that he is accustomed to receiving a comfortable salary with lurks and perks like having his travel costs and accommodation costs paid by the