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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 18 October 2017

‘Western Sydney’s Aerotropolis’ + at what additional cost? Reported in the Daly Telegraph by Matthew Benns & Clarissa Bye; “Plane and gain for the west”, October, 12 {page 8} A fully developed western Sydney Airport could inject $22 Billion into the economy and create another 60,000 jobs, this article indicates; it must be further noted in this piece the figures suggested are for an airport at full capacity. Who came up with the 60,000 jobs estimate? However, Western Sydney must take care to avoid the mistakes of other second city airports around the world, which include Ciudad in Madrid,

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 28 September 2017

‘Fire Sale Mike’ endorses Gladys Bairdjiklian’s policy direction.  As reported in the Daily Telegraph of September 1st [page 23] “Baird our premier dad”; it warns others not to put their careers ahead of family, by Annabel Hennessy. Bambi said he had been watching from afar and thought Gladys Berejiklian was doing an awesome job. Why is the immediate-past former Premier so supportive of Gladys?  Probably because they are one in the same. She is following his policies. Despite this, when Baird’s hand-picked successor took over his reign as Premier [and conveniently, whilst rival Premiership aspirant Doctor ROB STOKES was

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 26 September 2017

Powerhouse saga continues; this is what we have been commenting on for past 6 months. NSW lurches from unnecessary crises to crises, of their own doing and most likely will continue up until to the 2019 state election as the government appears unable to help itself. Council amalgamations, failed greyhound racing ‘reforms’ and ultimately the continued unravelling Powerhouse Museum saga.   SMH front page Tuesday, August 29th; “Billion-dollar Power trip” by correspondent, Nick O`Malley illustrates how NSW stands accused of excessive secrecy through its decision for the wholesale relocation of Ultimo’s Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. Expert witnesses appearing before an

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 17 July 2017

Administrators, Developers, Lobbyists and the implausible NSW Government My Listeners’ are very aware that I have been generally supportive of Council amalgamations because of possible costs saving that will likely result from integrated administration. However, recently it looks as if there is a lot more to this policy because the NSW state government appears to be cynically taking advantage of the administration period of suspended democracy by charging ahead with approval for questionable developments well before any legitimately popularly elected Council can emerge to determine them in the peoples’ interests through elected mandate. Regardless, the merged-councils’ have intrinsic freshly

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Grant Goldman Editorial for January 31 2017

Just eleven sleeps ago on January the 18th, 2017 then NSW Premier Mike Baird stunned the NSW public by resigning virtually without notice. He has since left parliament and his former electorate office lays abandoned of its elected representative and it is now awaiting an incoming member of parliament to be decided at a soon to be held forthcoming by-election. What caused this unexpected political meltdown? A Personal Breakdown of sorts? If so, not unlike John Brogden before him; he deserves our empathy, understanding and best personal wishes given the harshness that public life exerts on ones’ family. Not

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Grant Goldman Christmas Message

It’s Christmas Time again and we’re at the tail end of 2016. Just two more sleeps left and children everywhere will be able to open their prized presents from Santa. Millions of us will spend this wonderful Christmas and festive season time together in our own special way. At this precious time we recognise the universal messages of peace, love, compassion and goodwill, and give thanks for our blessings. Many of us will covey these feelings by sharing time with family and close friends. Some will be travelling to places near and far. I wish all of my cherished

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Mike Baird Sell Off……………

Premier Mike Baird is literally preparing to sell the ground beneath your feet, and I would add your heritage, culture and everything you loved, cared and have already paid for. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Correspondent Sean Nicholls reported in page 6 on October 24 that a “Fire sale’ looms for Crown land!” A proposed overhaul of how the $12 billion Crown land estate is managed in NSW has prompted warnings of a potential fire sale by the Baird government and accusations it is seeking to avoid public scrutiny. Sound familiar! This is all too common with this duplicitous and

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Better protection needed for Sydney`s water catchments! In recent editorials I have expressed concern about how big should Sydney be. One of the problems with an excessively large city is water supply. Sydneysiders enjoy wonderful water quality and we want to keep it that way.  A recent Court ruling upholding the right of an underground coal mine near Lithgow to discharge water daily into the Warragamba catchment has caused concern for some people, including members of Environment groups the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, the Nature Conservation Council and 4Nature. In recent days the NSW Land and Environment Court has

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GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL Tuesday 27 September 2016

Yesterday I asked the question, how big should Sydney be? NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes seems to accept the forecast that in 2036 Sydney will have a population of 6.42 million, with the population of NSW jumping by 2.7 million, to almost 10 million.  2.1 million of the increase – that is seventy four percent or about three quarters is going to be in Sydney.  I made the point that it would be better for everyone if three quarters of the population increase were to take place in rural and remote New South Wales.  I also predicted that on

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Today, let’s ask the question, how big should Sydney be? The Sydney Morning Herald of September 12 carried an article by Jacob Saulwick and  Kieran Gair headed  “Sydney population booms and the only way is up and in”.  From the article we learned that the population of Sydney is surging faster than predicted, putting more pressure on the city`s already-stretched housing and transport needs.  NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes spins this news as a symptom of Sydney`s success with the release by the State Government of figures showing the city`s population is expected to leap by more than 2.1

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Greyhound Racing Ban

GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL 6 September 2016 On Tuesday 16 August I drew to your attention the news that the popular New Zealand actor Sam Neill had ridiculed the Baird Government’s decision to close down the NSW Greyhound Racing industry. You will remember that this program was first to highlight the weakness of the Government’s case for relying on the McHugh report, and it was a pleasure to see that other broadcasters followed suit. From the beginning we raised the possibility that the Baird government’s declaration of war on the Greyhound Racing Industry might be motivated by some factor other

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Kelly Burke – “Heritage Harbour sell-off”

Less than two weeks ago in the Daily Telegraph of Saturday 6 August, Kelly Burke authored an article headlined “Heritage Harbour sell-off”. The article asserted that Premier Baird and the NSW Minister for Finance Services and Property  Dominic Perrottet are ready to sell off a raft of landmark or heritage buildings which were held by the Sydney Harbour foreshore authority until 2015 when that  statutory body was absorbed by the government into  its Property Division. On the list for sale in coming months are five harbourside hotels, namely two Novatels plus the Four Seasons, the Shangri-La, and the Ibis. 

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Australia’s critical infrastructure being sold to foreign powers

It was reported in the Daily Mail that Scott Morrison treasurer of Australia is contemplating the sell-off of another piece of critical infrastructure to a Chinese company. As a lay person making observations based only on news reports you may say that these comments and concerns are unfounded. Take a moment to find out which countries control or are bidding to control Australia’s critical infrastructure. All are overseas based with strong links to foreign governments. Should Australians be concerned? YES they should be very concerned. Look what happened with the Port of Darwin! It was reported that there were

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Beware the Creeping Tiger

Over the years there have been many protests at the Parliament of New South Wales.  Yesterday’s was different, with crowds of protestors, some accompanied by their beautiful greyhounds, expressing their opposition to the Baird Government’s insistence on closing the greyhound racing industry.  The flawed decision was raised on this program and I am pleased that other broadcasters have followed.  Nobody has yet answered my question:  Which high flying political lobbyist has a buyer for Wentworth Park and the other assets of the industry? The Baird Governments is also under fire over the controversial sell-out of our key essential assets

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Two victories for talk radio

Grant Goldman Two victories for talk radio Talk Radio is one of the most important bastions of free speech and democratic expression available in Australia today. Some of the powerful are intimidated by Talk Back radio because they fear the majority. Talkback radio has the ability to affect, in a positive way, the outcome of public policy determination. Today you and I can congratulate ourselves on two instances in recent months where the Super Radio Network Talk Radio audience – you, our wonderful listeners – have successfully scrutinised political intentions and found them wanting .  We have then made

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Mark Scott AO and the Premier

Grant Goldman Yesterday I made reference to newspaper articles by prominent journalists asserting that the NSW Government under Premier Baird is undermined by conflicts of interest.  Of particular note has been the involvement of KPMG in the Government’s forced Council amalgamations, and also in the Government’s unpopular plan to shift the Powerhouse Museum. Recent media attention for the State Government has also embraced the appointment,  as Secretary of the New South Wales Department of Education, of American-born businessman Mark Walter Scott  AO.  Mr Scott held a senior role at Fairfax Media, prior to serving as managing director of the

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Hong Kong high rise for inner Sydney

Money, Money, Money! It appears after reading Clover Moore’s post that the Baird government is planning to squeeze up to 70,000 people per square kilometer into Sydney’s Central to Eveleigh site. Jeff Dorset wrote the following reply: Dear Clover Moore. You appear from my perspective to say nothing to the media in public or in council about the biggest threat to Sydney`s environment, economy and society, the Turnbull Govt`s excessive and irresponsible middle class /economic immigration rate and 457 Visa intake levels. I am emailing on to many conservationists, concerned citizens your petition which I have now signed to stop the dreadful Hong Kong