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GREYHOUND RACING In recent months my listeners have been expressing growing concerns about the decision making processes of the Government of NSW.  One underlying issue which is raised again and again is the influence upon decision making of high flying professional lobbyists who are also senior office bearers and factional leaders. Such people can stand to gain a great deal from decisions by individuals who owe their careers to those very same professional lobbyists. In July when the NSW Government made its shock announcement of its intended ban on greyhound racing, on this program we led the way  in

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Greyhound Racing Ban

GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL 6 September 2016 On Tuesday 16 August I drew to your attention the news that the popular New Zealand actor Sam Neill had ridiculed the Baird Government’s decision to close down the NSW Greyhound Racing industry. You will remember that this program was first to highlight the weakness of the Government’s case for relying on the McHugh report, and it was a pleasure to see that other broadcasters followed suit. From the beginning we raised the possibility that the Baird government’s declaration of war on the Greyhound Racing Industry might be motivated by some factor other

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Beware the Creeping Tiger

Over the years there have been many protests at the Parliament of New South Wales.  Yesterday’s was different, with crowds of protestors, some accompanied by their beautiful greyhounds, expressing their opposition to the Baird Government’s insistence on closing the greyhound racing industry.  The flawed decision was raised on this program and I am pleased that other broadcasters have followed.  Nobody has yet answered my question:  Which high flying political lobbyist has a buyer for Wentworth Park and the other assets of the industry? The Baird Governments is also under fire over the controversial sell-out of our key essential assets

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Greyhound Racing NSW

Greyhound Racing My comments yesterday about Greyhound racing drew a big response from Super Radio Network listeners, on air and off air. Questions my listeners are asking include: If this ban goes ahead, how many dogs will lose their lives as a result? How can a report with profound influence on policy be generated with a significant and highly influential component having no relevance whatsoever to New South Wales? Did anyone in the Government bother to check the detail of the McHugh report before the Premier’s decision to ban greyhound racing? When the Premier announced the ban, did he