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PRC Surreptitiously Buying Our Agricultural Assets

Around the nation, and what is even more important, among my listeners, there is a high and rising concern about the burgeoning level of foreign ownership of productive Australian rural land.  By far the biggest worry is ownership by companies which are extensions of the Communist-controlled government of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The Goldman doctrine is that there is no need for any Communist  government agency to own even one acre of Australian rural property.  The Chinese want food security.  They can have food security.  The Communist Chinese can have whatever they want from Australia without the need to own

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Almost four weeks after the election, we are getting closer to the end of counting.  A new election is possible in Herbert, and a recount for the Senate is likely for the Senate in Tasmania, where the number two Greens candidate has just 144 more votes than the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Candidate. This is a good time to review policies which were advocated prior to the election. Opposition spokesperson on trade, Senator Penny Wong said a Labor government would make it easier for international investors to buy Australian farms. Senator Wong Labor would lift from $15 million to

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Greyhound Racing NSW

Greyhound Racing My comments yesterday about Greyhound racing drew a big response from Super Radio Network listeners, on air and off air. Questions my listeners are asking include: If this ban goes ahead, how many dogs will lose their lives as a result? How can a report with profound influence on policy be generated with a significant and highly influential component having no relevance whatsoever to New South Wales? Did anyone in the Government bother to check the detail of the McHugh report before the Premier’s decision to ban greyhound racing? When the Premier announced the ban, did he

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‘What about us?’

‘What about us?’ ASHLEIGH DAVIS FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA PUBLISHED: 20:42 EST, 16 July 2016 | UPDATED: 22:56 EST, 16 July 2016. Retrieved from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/auhome/index.html Well said Lucy Bain. More Australians should be mindful that if we don’t care for our own no one from overseas will – they will surreptitiously take over and we won’t like it! It’s about time all governing bodies started looking after Australians and taking their privileged positions seriously by helping Australians who voted for them to take care of this country and its peoples. Lucy Bain is asking a question asked by many hard working Australians. Governments

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Jacqui Lambie Network

Congratulations to the Jacqui Lambie Network And the JLN will start by focusing on five urgent matters:   Insurance companies and their treatment of Tasmanian businesses. There have been reports of flood-affected, Tasmanian businesses have been treated unfairly by their insurance companies. I will spend the next couple of weeks looking into this, and if there is evidence of unconscionable conduct, I will call for a Senate Inquiry. 2. $1.2 billion aged care cuts nationally. I will fight to stop Liberal cuts to the Aged Care sector, including $40 million cut from the Tasmanian Aged Care sector and 750

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Democracy for sale down under!

Democracy for sale down under! As reported in the Australian “Kidman hires Libs` Kingpin” on June 21, by Damon Kitney, a Canberra based lobbying firm established by Factional Liberal Michael Photios has been appointed to advise the S. Kidman & Co cattle empire in  attempting to revive a controversial sale that has hit foreign investment hurdles. Capital Hill is run for Photios by former big-pharma lobbyist Nick Campbell who for years pretended to be a factional opponent of his now  business ally.   The move is a response to Treasury opposition to the proposed $370m sale of the cattle giant

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Coal Seam Gas

Is the coal seam gas industry damaging Australia’s environment? Naturally the coal seam gas companies will refute any suggestions that their ‘precious’ industry is in any way causing land and water contamination placing landowners health at risk. It appears that no side of government is prepared to take the issue seriously. Let’s be honest, the government overrides the landowners wishes when granting mining leases approving coal seam gas extraction or any other mining activity. Money has to come first, yes? We are not saying ‘no’ to mining however the first considerations should be given to the landowners and the

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Update on Dairy Farmers Plight

Dairy farmers need solution this week Chloe Scott Australia 22 MAY 2016 — I’ve seen media today saying the government is looking at ‘a package’ to help us farmers in crisis. That’s good, our campaign is working – but they’re not looking at fixing how companies can hit us with retrospective cuts to the milk price. That’s what has left many in debt and running at a loss! I’m worried they won’t fix this unfair system hurting farmers. I’ve just recorded a video that I’d love if everyone can share so it gets to our politicians. Please share it –https://www.facebook.com/Change.orgAustralia/videos/1213710335335685/

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Barnaby Joyce’e response to the Dairy Farm Crisis

The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Leader of the Nationals 19 May 2016 — I have closely monitored developments following the Murray Goulburn and Fonterra decisions to reduce farm gate milk prices for the 2015-16 season and since that time have had a number of discussions with farmers, industry leaders, processors and retailers. I have appreciated the opportunity to meet with dairy farmers and industry representatives this week while in Victoria to hear firsthand their concerns and reassure them of the Coalition’s support. The Coalition Government values the contribution Australia’s dairy farmers make to our communities,

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Our reply to Barnaby Joyce on the Dairy Farm crisis

What a pathetic response, it goes to show who’s running the country. Not sure what comes first the dollars or the ego but it’s disgusting that no side of politics will openly support their own citizens. Throw the lot out of power they don’t deserve a vote. Is Australia for Australians or or have the foreign raiders already infiltrated our political and social institutions? Sadly our once beautiful land is being sculptured into an unrecognisable catastrophe. Vote carefully – vote for anyone except the LNP, ALP, Greens. 

Rural Australia

Australia’s Dairy Farmers Being Destroyed

Barnaby Joyce: dairy farmers like my family are being destroyed – please step in urgently I am only 16 years old and have grown up on a dairy farm my entire life, but the massive cuts to milk prices – slashed by 10% and more – have had significant and horrible impact on finances and our lives. Not only have greedy corporates like Fonterra and Murray Goulburn cut the price they will pay us for milk – retrospectively cutting income means farmers will be left hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt! Putting profit before people and leaving thousands of