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Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 15 August 2017

Prakash Nation Yesterday I spoke about our Nation’s defence. In particular, our need to be equipped with economically viable military hardware and other capabilities against the threat of covetous nation states. However, in this era of asymmetric threats we need to be vigilant and prepared for the very real spectre of terrorism; especially of the extremist Islamist variant. An Australian man and so-called senior member of the Islamic State group is Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, or Neil Prakash. He was Melbourne born to a Cambodian mother and Fijian father. Converting from Buddhism to Islam in 2012 after supposedly being repulsed

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Grant Goldman editorial Monday 14 August 2017

Submarines Australians are getting fed up with a Defence Force which is concentrating on social engineering instead of doing its job. The job of the Defence Forces is to make certain that any potential enemy thinking of attacking Australia must know that they will be destroyed if they try it. The ADF exists to keep us safe.  The ADF does not exist for the purpose of encouraging gender reassignment.  It does not exist for the purpose of boosting the number of women who can be put at risk of being killed or maimed or raped in warfare.  The ADF

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 12 July 2017

A P.R.C. economic upheaval? Chinese investors spent $24 billion dollars on Australian real estate in the last year. The figure, put together by Chinese property listing site Juwai.com using data from the Foreign Investment Review Board, is up almost a third again from the previous financial year, when it was $18.4 billion. Sue Jong, Chief of Operations for Juwai.com, said Chinese investment in foreign real estate worldwide is forecast to exceed $100 billion by the end of the year. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 empty homes in Sydney. No wonder our property market is overpriced and unavailable

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 21 June 2017

Fed’s Contempt for Heritage? [Continued]  Australia Post first announced it intended placing all seven state capital city GPO’s on the market and it was then they previously maintained that a majority 60% stake would remain in Australian proprietorship; additionally a locally controlled trust would maintain a 40% holding. Independent advisers were appointed, public consultation initiated and likewise the process appeared to be quite sound. However and mysteriously that plan has since silently vanished. It seems that nobody had heard any more of the foreshadowed asset sales until an article suddenly appeared in the commercial property pages of the Australian

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 20 June 2017

Fed’s Contempt for heritage? (PART One) The Week before last in this segment entitled, “What price for heritage?”  I outlined concerns about our key cultural heritage. Since then, the latest news is that things just keep getting worse because chief areas of disquiet are just getting overlooked by our Federal Government. Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald [June 17] by writer Michael Evans and entitled, ‘Red-letter day for landmark GPO’. We learned of the impending completion of sale transfer of the current historic Sydney GPO Building and it is likely the finest and most outstanding architectural and artistically significant

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 8 June 2017

What price for heritage! Recently we have seen a lack of care and respect to our historic colonial and cultural heritage from Councils, State and Federal Governments, major corporations and even the Lucy Turnbull run Greater Sydney Commission. I have been mentioning for a long time, my concerns regarding the controversial removal of the historic powerhouse Museum which is listed with the national trust and the risk of damage to its valuable contents. Hopefully, this was thought to be on the backburner after the Premier Gladys Berejiklian indicated that the move was most likely off. [Instead, a Powerhouse offshoot

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 1 June 2017 Radio 2SM and Super Radio Network

The Australian Financial Review of Monday, the 22nd of May, 2017 carried an article by Michael Bailey and John Sensholt with the headline “Tax Rates send capital, talent overseas.” In the article we read that Flight Centre co-founder Geoff Harris and Harvey Norman funder Gerry Harvey have called for corporate and personal income taxes to be lowered, and several well-regarded individuals are quoted to similar effect. Geoff Harris reminded the authors of Winston Churchill’s description of a nation trying to tax itself into prosperity as “a man standing in a bucket while trying to lift himself up by the

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Grant Goldman Christmas Message

It’s Christmas Time again and we’re at the tail end of 2016. Just two more sleeps left and children everywhere will be able to open their prized presents from Santa. Millions of us will spend this wonderful Christmas and festive season time together in our own special way. At this precious time we recognise the universal messages of peace, love, compassion and goodwill, and give thanks for our blessings. Many of us will covey these feelings by sharing time with family and close friends. Some will be travelling to places near and far. I wish all of my cherished

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Better protection needed for Sydney`s water catchments! In recent editorials I have expressed concern about how big should Sydney be. One of the problems with an excessively large city is water supply. Sydneysiders enjoy wonderful water quality and we want to keep it that way.  A recent Court ruling upholding the right of an underground coal mine near Lithgow to discharge water daily into the Warragamba catchment has caused concern for some people, including members of Environment groups the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, the Nature Conservation Council and 4Nature. In recent days the NSW Land and Environment Court has

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GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL Tuesday 27 September 2016

Yesterday I asked the question, how big should Sydney be? NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes seems to accept the forecast that in 2036 Sydney will have a population of 6.42 million, with the population of NSW jumping by 2.7 million, to almost 10 million.  2.1 million of the increase – that is seventy four percent or about three quarters is going to be in Sydney.  I made the point that it would be better for everyone if three quarters of the population increase were to take place in rural and remote New South Wales.  I also predicted that on

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Yesterday I raised the issue of the Greens staging a pre-planned walkout during Pauline Hanson’s first speech last week.  The Greens came seriously unstuck. What was obvious to everyone is that the Greens just hate the idea of anyone saying anything to contradict their own twisted view of the world.  And why is it that the Greens are so keen to defend Moslems from even gentle criticism? The Greens are hostile to our Christian civilisation, and they instinctively ally themselves with anyone else who is hostile to Christian civilisation. Following yesterday’s editorial I received a flood of favourable comment,

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Last week on Wednesday 14 September, Senator Pauline Hanson delivered her First Speech to the Senate.  Senators of the Australian Greens staged a pre-planned walk out during the speech, just at the point when Senator Hanson was warning that Australia was under threat from Sharia Law.  As the Greens senators rose from their seats and filed out behind her, Pauline Hanson was saying:  “Radicalisation is happening on our streets, suburbs, in mosques. Yet our leaders continue to tell us to be tolerant and embrace the good Muslims.” The leader of the Greens Senator Richard Di Natale tweeted shortly afterwards:

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New South Wales voters having their say

New South Wales voters having their say Grant Goldman Editorial 16 June 2016 The growing problems of the Baird government in New South Wales have been highlighted by an article in the Sydney Morning Herald by of Monday September 12 by Jacob Saulwick, Anna Patty and James Massola, with the headline:  “Backlash for Baird as council votes roll in across western Sydney , regional NSW”. Here is what the article has to say “The State Labor Party spent Sunday enjoying a string of strong results in council elections across outer-suburban Sydney and in regional NSW, partly attributed to a

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Animal welfare

Grant Goldman editorial 5 September 2016 My listeners are very well aware that this program alerted the people of New South Wales to the elements of the McHugh Report which were inconsistent with the Government’s intention to close down the Greyhound Racing Industry. Other broadcasters took up the matter, and now a common topic of discussion across the State is the Premier`s claim to be concerned about the welfare of greyhounds and his decision to shut down the industry, supposedly because of those concerns. Critics have noted that the Premier is a great deal less concerned about the thousands

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The foolish Premier!

GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL FRIDAY 2 SEPTEMBER 2016 “Embattled” is just one of the words currently being used to describe the New South Wales Premier, Michael Baird.  What we seem to be watching is a government which cannot resist the temptation to meddle in the lives of its citizens. Around the world there is a growing realisation of a principle that is by no means new.  The principle is that if governments reduce their impact and cut their costs, then useful consequences follow, in terms of job creation, capital accumulation and an increase in human happiness. The desire of the

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Vietnam Veterans Day

Today is a very significant day for all who honour the members of the military who have placed the welfare and safety of the nation ahead of their own health and their own lives.  Today is a very important day for every man or woman who has accepted the risk of being in harm’s way as a member of the armed forces.  And today is especially significant and especially important for all who lost loved ones among the 521 Australian service personnel who gave their lives for Australia in Vietnam, and for all the survivors and their relatives among

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Kelly Burke – “Heritage Harbour sell-off”

Less than two weeks ago in the Daily Telegraph of Saturday 6 August, Kelly Burke authored an article headlined “Heritage Harbour sell-off”. The article asserted that Premier Baird and the NSW Minister for Finance Services and Property  Dominic Perrottet are ready to sell off a raft of landmark or heritage buildings which were held by the Sydney Harbour foreshore authority until 2015 when that  statutory body was absorbed by the government into  its Property Division. On the list for sale in coming months are five harbourside hotels, namely two Novatels plus the Four Seasons, the Shangri-La, and the Ibis. 

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PRC Surreptitiously Buying Our Agricultural Assets

Around the nation, and what is even more important, among my listeners, there is a high and rising concern about the burgeoning level of foreign ownership of productive Australian rural land.  By far the biggest worry is ownership by companies which are extensions of the Communist-controlled government of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The Goldman doctrine is that there is no need for any Communist  government agency to own even one acre of Australian rural property.  The Chinese want food security.  They can have food security.  The Communist Chinese can have whatever they want from Australia without the need to own

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Friday 5 August Senate

More than a month after the Double Dissolution Election, the Senate Count has been finalised.  For the growing number of Australians worried about the harm being done to our economy and our future by the Global Warming Cult, the result has been worth the wait. On the Senate cross-benches there are now seven Senators who simply will not accept the official line that our liberties and our economic future should be seriously constrained for the sake of meeting arbitrary emissions reduction targets.  There are seven senators who will not be bullied by the Global Warming Cult.  As time goes

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All Australians of goodwill are keen to find cost-effective ways of closing the gap between Indigenous Australians and the rest of us.  One of the most glaring examples of the width of this divisive gap is the excessively large number of young indigenous Australians who are behind bars. This situation has been brought into focus by allegations of abuse in the Northern Territory correctional system, and we can hope that the Royal Commission will be a positive contribution. The first questions we need to ask are about illiteracy.  How many of the youngsters, mostly male, who are incarcerated around