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Blood on the Streets

When will Australian elected governments admit they got it wrong and are still getting it wrong when it comes to immigration policy by allowing radical activists, extremists and peoples with direct opposing views and radically violent beliefs to enter this country and settle here? The senseless killing of innocent people is a direct result of unchecked migration, unchecked subversion within Islamic communities, and migration of peoples from African countries who are enslaved to a violent existence. This is not necessarily their fault but rather the fault of their governments who openly encourage violence to support their power struggle. This

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Trump Trumpets Trump

The pictures say it all.  How embarrassing for our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to be humiliated by an egotistical lump like Trump. All Trump cares about is Trump. It’s a worrying situation to have such a megalomaniac with his finger on the nuclear button. America and the world should be worried. Hopefully Turnbull will return home with a renewed stamina for nationalism and with his focus on Australia and Australia’s interests. Hopefully he will realise that the world is bleeding Australia of its assets and resources. Trump wants us for our strategic geographic position and our trading channels to Asia. Australia

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 19 April 2017

Arise! Emeritus Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. A recent post on The Daily Mail Australia has Tony Abbott calling for The Human Rights Commission to be axed, questioning Gillian Triggs agency for failing to pursue the pro-sharia law group Hizb ut-Tahrir who described domestic violence as ‘beautiful’. The former prime minister wants the Australian Humans Right Commission wound up and has hit out at ‘nanny state bureaucracies that persecute journalists but do nothing about Muslim extremists’. Well said Mr. Abbott, it’s about time these radical, seditious groups were outlawed and if they are already registered as being criminals and aren’t

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Same Muslim Blah, Blah, Blah

We are tired of listening to the racist views of Muslim propagandists who find it acceptable to ridicule and abuse Australia and its people yet continue to live in this country enjoying the many benefits of a western lifestyle including the benefits of our social welfare system. It’s about time our government stamped out these enclaves of disruption to the benefit of all Australians who don’t use and abuse their so called religious beliefs to disrupt, and radicalise peaceful citizens. This article is in response to numerous recent outbursts from radical Muslim people condoning Sharia law, violence toward women