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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 3 October 2017

Queensland Polls Five months ago on Monday the first of May 2017 I broadcast an editorial on the subject of company tax, and the same editorial was rebroadcast over the whole of the Super Radio Network soon after 5am on Tuesday the second of May 2017 The subject of the editorial was the urgent need to slash company tax.  I said we should forget all that rubbish about reductions in company tax helping the big end of town. Everyone who listened to the Budget Reply Speech by Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten will have noticed that “the big

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Crime – What Crime?

Gold Coast Bulletin August 24 2016 Focus today is on the Gold Coast and we can reveal that crime is exploding with top cops attributing part of the blame on visitors and an increase in population numbers. Well let’s face it, someone has to take the blame! Monday’s GCB front page reported “Dial a Dealer”, “Tuesday’s GCB front page reported “Murder & Mayhem” and today’s edition “Blow-in Crime Wave”. These are great headlines for paper sales and a major tourist destination if it wasn’t for the sad fact that innocent people get caught up in the chaos. This is

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‘What about us?’

‘What about us?’ ASHLEIGH DAVIS FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA PUBLISHED: 20:42 EST, 16 July 2016 | UPDATED: 22:56 EST, 16 July 2016. Retrieved from Well said Lucy Bain. More Australians should be mindful that if we don’t care for our own no one from overseas will – they will surreptitiously take over and we won’t like it! It’s about time all governing bodies started looking after Australians and taking their privileged positions seriously by helping Australians who voted for them to take care of this country and its peoples. Lucy Bain is asking a question asked by many hard working Australians. Governments

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Thu 7 July 2016 Pauline Hanson

Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 7 July 2016 PAULINE HANSON Yesterday I stated that an important aspect of Saturday’s Federal Election has been the long overdue return to the Parliament of Pauline Hanson, as a Senator for Queensland. The response from my listeners was overwhelmingly positive, including from many callers whom time did not allow us to put to air, and from very many who have sent supportive emails.  Some listeners made clear that they finally made up their minds to vote for Pauline Hanson because Malcolm Turnbull told them that the lady was unwelcome in the Parliament.  As I

Election 2016 / Queensland

Wed 6 July Pauline Hanson

Grant Goldman Editorial for Radio 2SM and the Super Radio Network An important aspect of the recent Federal Election has been the long overdue return to the Parliament of Pauline Hanson, as a Senator for Queensland, where Pauline Hanson’s One Nation convincingly outpolled the Greens to be the third strongest party in terms of the Senate vote.  Not only has Pauline Hanson won a Senate Seat for herself, she has a prospect of winning a second Senate Seat for her number two team member in Queensland, and is in the running to gain Senate spots in New South Wales

Election 2016 / Queensland

The Queensland Seat of Dickson

The Queensland Seat of Dickson For excitement & thrills for political junkies Dickson on Brisbane’s northside has a lot to offer. Death, Dummy-Spits, Nail biting cliff-hanger finishes, sex scandals, and spousal surprises. Nine News Political Editor Laurie Oakes has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, calling his post-election speech “pretty pathetic”. Oakes said Mr Turnbull delivered an “angry, bitter speech”. “It’s the first time I’ve seen a bloke who’s probably won the election say ‘we was robbed’.  I thought that quite frankly was pretty pathetic,” Oakes said. This reminds us of the infamous Dickson dummy-spit by