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Adani & Government Complicity or Stupidity!

It’s somewhat difficult to understand, especially from a lay persons point of view, why Australia’s Federal and Queensland’s State Government are even considering allowing a company under investigation on fraud and environmental destruction charges to borrow tax payers money to the value of 1 Billion dollars when banks and private funding sources have refused to provide finance for Adani’s proposed Carmichael Coal project in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Outwardly it appears to be a simple case of MONEY over the ENVIRONMENT and the WISHES of the people. We all know who NOT to vote for at the coming Queensland election

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 3 October 2017

Queensland Polls Five months ago on Monday the first of May 2017 I broadcast an editorial on the subject of company tax, and the same editorial was rebroadcast over the whole of the Super Radio Network soon after 5am on Tuesday the second of May 2017 The subject of the editorial was the urgent need to slash company tax.  I said we should forget all that rubbish about reductions in company tax helping the big end of town. Everyone who listened to the Budget Reply Speech by Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten will have noticed that “the big

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 3 August 2017

Dangerous Rule: Australia really has become decadent and immoral with brainless Pollies leading the way. The well Recognised and acceptable social values which we have embraced since the end of the Second World War are being undermined by anti-Christian exponents in favour of the destruction of mainstream social norms and our family values. It was reported in Queensland’s The Daily Mail that, “The Backward State” is actively considering banning Christian references from school events and playgrounds in sweeping atheistic changes to education practices. It’s hard to believe that the Queensland government is entertaining such bizarre and draconian ideas. Those