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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 24 August 2017

Here’s why we need a federal ICAC  Yesterday, in this segment I reported on the Senator Pauline Hanson’s valiant and well publicised attempts to bring to the attention of the Australian political elite the issue of security risks posed by the Burqa. A garment that is alien to most Australian citizens. Today, I wish to illuminate another issue of paramount importance to our fast disappearing democracy. Thanks to a valuable and well considered contribution by another independent Senator. She’s a genuine ‘true blue’ Aussie and Tasmanian, the Honourable Jacqui Lambie. It could be that Clive’s political legacy is that

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 17 July 2017

Administrators, Developers, Lobbyists and the implausible NSW Government My Listeners’ are very aware that I have been generally supportive of Council amalgamations because of possible costs saving that will likely result from integrated administration. However, recently it looks as if there is a lot more to this policy because the NSW state government appears to be cynically taking advantage of the administration period of suspended democracy by charging ahead with approval for questionable developments well before any legitimately popularly elected Council can emerge to determine them in the peoples’ interests through elected mandate. Regardless, the merged-councils’ have intrinsic freshly

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 5 April 2017

Wrong Calls Today’s segment is entitled wrong calls. What do I mean? Let’s hear! We’re a resilient lot us Aussies. Sadly time changes everything and over the years the epitome of the traditional Aussie of times long past living a happy and contented life in the land of milk and honey has morphed into a melting pot of intolerance and in some cases hostility. Australia today is no longer the land of milk and honey because the future is uncertain and our population is becoming increasingly more restless as governments of every type and of each political persuasion continuously

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Lobbyist within party circles

Will things now change or will they just be more of the same! In the Sunday telegraph of February 26, News page 15, Linda Silmalis presented an article entitled “Liberals puppet master pulls pin” The article describes the wide influence of Liberal powerbroker and former State  parliamentarian Michael Photios who stunned party members by announcing at a recent factional meeting his resignation as a factional leader.  This fellow is best described as a warlord lobbyist who has long exerted extensive power within the NSW Liberal party and even extended his influence into the federal arena. Lobbyist, Warlord or kingmaker

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Lobbyist impact driving NSW!

What impact might lobbyists have on the freshly minted NSW Government? As Reported by Sean Nicholls in the Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 10th February 2017; entitled, ‘The problems Berejiklian isn’t talking about can’t stay off the table’. Since Gladys Berejiklian was sworn in as NSW Premier she has hit the ground running, she has announced some priority areas like local infrastructure, housing affordability, a strong economy and is contemplating repairing the damage caused by unpopular policies such as forced council mergers. However, there are a few issues you are unlikely to hear Berejiklian talking about with any relish.

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Is NSW for sale to the highest political donors?

Fears petrol prices will increase!  as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on page 14, October 28 2016. ‘Favour for a political donor’: Retailers slam ethanol rules by Sean Nicholls. Angry fuel retailers are accusing the NSW government of doing the bidding of a political donor and putting motorists at risk of higher fuel prices over plans to boost the sales of E10 petrol.  Better Regulations Minister Victor Dominello has outlined the rules to determine which retailers will have to sell the E10 blend of ethanol and regular unleaded for the first time and an exemption regime to shield

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The Lobbyist register maintained by the NSW Electoral Commission lists 143 entities.  They include Capital Hill Advisory Services Pty Ltd, whose principals are former State Parliamentarian Michael Photios and former Johnson & Johnson employee and Party President Nicholas Campbell.  For many years Campbell and Photios pretended to be leaders of opposing factions in the Liberal Party, but as their commercial alliance demonstrates, in Liberal Party factional battles questions like ideology and political viewpoints count for nothing.  It is all about the money. On this program we have discussed the malign influence within the NSW Liberal Party of high-flying political