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Bubble Trouble

The Australian Housing Market Recently we are hearing more and more talk about the inevitable eventuality of a “housing bubble”. One other concerning fact is that household debt is escalating at an alarming rate. Bubbles are ultimately a confidence game, in which the vendor sells the asset to a buyer at a profit, with the latter hoping to do the same in the future. This game relies on a powerful narrative that captures people’s imagination and persuades them their turn will be different. As George Soros, the famous US-Hungarian multi-billionaire hedge fund manager once remarked: […] Bubbles don’t grow out

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Housing Affordability in Australia – Grant Goldman

Last Thursday, the 24th of November, in this segment I spoke about Housing. I posed the following question; what effect has foreign investment in our residential property market contributed? And, I made a further passing reference to the likelihood of residential property falling victim to marketplace speculation. Furthermore, I canvassed the prospect of that genuine debate be now had about negative gearing of residential property by investors and the existing taxation structure relating to capital gains. So, I was more than impressed that almost as if on cue, within twenty-four hours, the exact following day no less after my