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Adani Coal Mine in Queensland

Stop the Adani Coal Mine Let’s face the facts; the Queensland government is determined that the Adani mine deal go ahead no matter what and no matter at whose expense. Barnaby Joyce the deputy prime excuse for a politician is also in Adani’s corner spruiking the advantages of the project. The Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is kowtowing to the questionable Adani executives by giving the company a $320Million ‘Royalties Holiday’. Our question is WHY? What is it with Australian Pollys that they have to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, namely the environment? It should be mandatory

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Western Australia

On 26 October, an article by Marian Tomsey in the online publication, The Spectator Australia, drew to my attention an interesting political development on the other side of the continent, in Western Australia. Marian Tomsey described a plan by the Leader of the Nationals in Western Australia, Brendon Grylls, to slap an extra levy of $4.75 per ton on most of the iron ore mined in Western Australia.  She wrote that the proposed levy would make Western Australia the highest taxing iron ore jurisdiction in the world. In Geraldton on Saturday 29 October National Party Leader Brendon Grylls made