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What Assimilation?

What a joke! Australian governments and the bleeding hearts brigade keep telling us that refugees and peoples with Islamic beliefs do integrate and accept and embrace this beautiful country and our way of life. Really ……… What the government tells the public is all twaddle and now the Brisbane City Council in Queensland is considering allowing the construction of an ‘Islamic Hub’ which in reality will become a ‘Muslim Enclave’ encouraging the segregation of race, creed and mainstream society. The Muslim village will have apartments, a child care center, naturally a mosque and the developer denies the new ‘hub’

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Lobbyist impact driving NSW!

What impact might lobbyists have on the freshly minted NSW Government? As Reported by Sean Nicholls in the Sydney Morning Herald of Friday 10th February 2017; entitled, ‘The problems Berejiklian isn’t talking about can’t stay off the table’. Since Gladys Berejiklian was sworn in as NSW Premier she has hit the ground running, she has announced some priority areas like local infrastructure, housing affordability, a strong economy and is contemplating repairing the damage caused by unpopular policies such as forced council mergers. However, there are a few issues you are unlikely to hear Berejiklian talking about with any relish.