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Almost four weeks after the election, we are getting closer to the end of counting.  A new election is possible in Herbert, and a recount for the Senate is likely for the Senate in Tasmania, where the number two Greens candidate has just 144 more votes than the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Candidate. This is a good time to review policies which were advocated prior to the election. Opposition spokesperson on trade, Senator Penny Wong said a Labor government would make it easier for international investors to buy Australian farms. Senator Wong Labor would lift from $15 million to

Katter Party

Bob Katter – A letter to my fellow Australians – Part 2

PART TWO To My Fellow Australians, So we Australians are a vanishing race only staving off bankruptcy through ‘bit by bit’ selling off the farm (our politicians call it “foreign investment”). Our politicians day by day trash the values that made us a ‘Garden Full of Promise’. Owner operators, farmers, tradesmen, contractors are all a slowly vanishing race and with their vanishing, vanishes the ‘land of opportunity’. As the giant corporates (increasingly foreign) slowly takeover. But let us give the last say to the two men who ran the Australian Economy for most of the last 40 years (1972

Katter Party

Bob Katter – A letter to my fellow Australians

There are many concerned Australian citizens who are as frustrated and anxious about how this and previous governments have managed this continent’s internal and external affairs. Hopefully it’s not too late to change the tide of events and return Australia to the nation it once used to be when jobs were plentiful, everyone could afford a home and there was a strong sense of nationalism. One of Australia’s answers could lie with Bob Katter’s Australian Party. He doesn’t have all the answers, no one does, but his dialogue and interest in Australia gives encouragement to the farming community he represents. Bob’s