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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 24 August 2017

Here’s why we need a federal ICAC  Yesterday, in this segment I reported on the Senator Pauline Hanson’s valiant and well publicised attempts to bring to the attention of the Australian political elite the issue of security risks posed by the Burqa. A garment that is alien to most Australian citizens. Today, I wish to illuminate another issue of paramount importance to our fast disappearing democracy. Thanks to a valuable and well considered contribution by another independent Senator. She’s a genuine ‘true blue’ Aussie and Tasmanian, the Honourable Jacqui Lambie. It could be that Clive’s political legacy is that

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Government Spending

Once again the public are outraged by Australian governments lending an ear to a Muslim activist youth leader who went on a taxpayer-funded trip around the Middle East to promote her book courtesy of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade The Australian reported. According to the government, Australia is in a critical financial situation and politics instead of common sense are playing out in Canberra where yesterday the government hinted at increasing taxes to pay for the debt the previous Labor government and wasteful spending of this government has placed our country. The point is that there is

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Muslim Activists playing the ‘Victim’ game

The Victim Game – Q&A Here we are again, expected to kowtow to Muslim minority groups who expect preferential treatment using their ethnicity and faith as a battering ram to admonish Australia, its Anglo heritage and anything else they can dream up in the hope of getting a sympathetic ear. Actually all they are doing is widening the gap and alienating themselves as individuals and as a group from main stream Australian society with their surreptitious agendas in an attempt to divide and change Australia. As for wanting an apology from the ABC well that’s a perfect example of

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Jacqui Lambie on Q&A

‘Stop playing the victim, we’ve had enough,’ ‘Your ban got lifted get over it.’ Jacqui’s comments were directed toward Ms. Abdel-Magied in a Q&A program aired on the ABC last night. Well said Jacqui, we agree we don’t want Sharia Law in Australia and we should deport all people who seek to inflict terror on the people of Australia. If that means thousands then so be it. Australia has been too liberal with its immigration programs in the past and today we are seeing the emergence of Muslim radicalisation within some sections within our community. As the global landscape changes

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Almost four weeks after the election, we are getting closer to the end of counting.  A new election is possible in Herbert, and a recount for the Senate is likely for the Senate in Tasmania, where the number two Greens candidate has just 144 more votes than the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Candidate. This is a good time to review policies which were advocated prior to the election. Opposition spokesperson on trade, Senator Penny Wong said a Labor government would make it easier for international investors to buy Australian farms. Senator Wong Labor would lift from $15 million to

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Jacqui Lambie Network

Congratulations to the Jacqui Lambie Network And the JLN will start by focusing on five urgent matters:   Insurance companies and their treatment of Tasmanian businesses. There have been reports of flood-affected, Tasmanian businesses have been treated unfairly by their insurance companies. I will spend the next couple of weeks looking into this, and if there is evidence of unconscionable conduct, I will call for a Senate Inquiry. 2. $1.2 billion aged care cuts nationally. I will fight to stop Liberal cuts to the Aged Care sector, including $40 million cut from the Tasmanian Aged Care sector and 750

Senator Jacqui Lambie

“Sucked in”, “shafted” and bullied – dairy industry crisis!

Ok, we are not all in favour of everything that Jacqui Lambie blurts out but give credit where it’s due, she does, most of the time, appear to speak from the heart. Make this an election issue, push the pollys to protect our farmers, water, land and minerals. It’s about time Australia found a ‘LEADER’! Dairy Crisis How would you feel if fresh Australian milk wasn’t available to you and your family? How would you feel if the milk that sat on supermarket shelves was imported? With 40% of our dairy farmers facing bankruptcy, imported milk is a very