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Manchester Mayhem – Killers among Us

Senseless Carnage Today we hear about yet another murderous event, this time in Manchester, UK. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families. These global events are carried out by deranged individuals who use the religious label to justify their callous actions. The reality is these individuals have no true allegiance to anyone; they congregate with like-minded disaffected people who are duped into believing, following and pandering to an infantile ideology. It’s not about religion; it’s about which team you are on. Unfortunately innocent people suffer. The perpetrators achieve nothing, they are no more

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Paris in Crisis – Is Australia Next?

Government Weak and Gutless Coming to a suburb near you – it’s not “fake news” this is happening right now. PARIS AT WAR WITH THEIR REFUGEES – YouTube Almost every day there are numerous articles written about radical Muslims being allowed into Australia to preach their hatred against Australians and all who do not agree with or follow their demented ideology. WHY? It’s about time Australia came to grips with these radical inciters of hatred and violence. The video clip shows Paris in crisis and there are many other cities in Europe suffering the same fate. Do you want

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Chinese Tactical Maneuvering

On August 13 2016 we wrote an article ‘Endgame’ outlining reported acquisitions by Chinese interests. The news report Jan 5 2017 ‘Communist China moves against Trump, asserts control over strategic ports’ details specific procurement by Chinese state controlled corporations masquerading as private entities. In Australia it appears that a blind man could have seen the surreptitious manoeuvring by Chinese entities throwing money at State and Federal governments to secure key infrastructure within the nation. No matter, MONEY talks, even at the expense of Australia’s future, unfortunately blind men never get elected to government. Australia is being manipulated by all

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Emotional Manipulation – Fact or Fiction?

Emotional Manipulation Clip by David Icke Another viewpoint on who and why we are constantly being manipulated by governments of all persuasions. Australia is not immune. Be your own self not controlled by surreptitious manipulation. Keep your own counsel. Look after your families and be kind to each other. Don’t believe everything controlling governments and their cohort media associations want you to believe.

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The South China Sea – A Chinese Viewpoint

Further to the article on Aggressive Neighbors we thought it reasonable to present the Chinese viewpoint. Recently I read an article on how a senior Chinese[1]  General views the South China Sea issue. Peng stated and we quote “stressing that he would express his own personal ideas; he was not representing official positions of the Chinese government or the PLA.”[2] Peng’s forthright comments are nationalistic and subtly forceful as one would expect. Keeping in mind the history of the region it seems that China is determined to implement its patriotic policy. Peng said and we quote “Let me give you

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Aggressive Neighbors

An editorial which appeared in The Global Times last week and reported on by The Daily Mail should be a wake up call to all levels of Australian government that there is trouble smoldering and that Australia is a target of aggression not only from IS but also from its neighbors. Wake up Australia! The past few years have seen the world fall victim to criminal gangs using religion as an excuse for their atrocities, countries invaded, millions of peoples displaced by their governments and many other acts of violence and aggression globally. This level of violence combined with

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Freedom of Speech

Wednesday 27 July Sonia Kruger What do Sonia Kruger, Kerrianne Kennerly and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson have in common?  Each is articulate, each is in the public eye, each is willing to express an opinion, and each of these ladies is in favour of freedom of speech. For a couple of decades the misogynists have been stringgering at Pauline Hanson, and some of them have scuttled away with their tails between their legs. Recently the misogynists found another target in the form of Sonia Kruger, who came under vicious attack for simply expressing a legitimate concern which the great majority

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Mass Murder In Nice

It’s tragic that humanity has reached this point in its history. Our deep felt sorrow to all who lost their lives in tragic circumstances. Amituofo. On the eleventh of September 2001 – the day universally known as Nine/Eleven, the cult of Aggressive Supremacist Islam declared war upon civilisation.   That declaration of war has been restated again and again, most recently in the South of France on Bastille Day 14 July 2016. Every one of those eighty four innocent human beings, including many children, all of whom suffered horrible and excruciatingly painful death, is a reason for us all to

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Britain and the EU

A different and more sensible view on Britain leaving the EU  Submitted by an Australian Businessman with real experience selling Aussie made products to Europe. The result of Britain leaving the EU will lead to Britain becoming the strongest economy in Europe and by far a better place to live and to do business than in the remaining European countries. It’s hard for some of the younger people to understand that because the scare mongering is just the usual unsubstantiated nonsense and outrageous self-serving misinformation from the left and their bloated bureaucracies in both the UK and Europe who feel their