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Grant Goldman editorial Monday 31 July 2017

Australia’s Slippery Slope to Nowhere We love our country and it’s painful to watch Australia morph into a basket case nation where the social divide between rich and poor is growing exponentially, where the clashes between race and culture are increasing, where the unemployment queues grow longer, where the aged, infirm and homelessness are just a bothersome statistic and where all politicians are failing in their duty to the public (their voters). Australia will follow one of two paths, one being that it will become a ‘failed state as Argentina has become with blood on the streets as the

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Paris in Crisis – Is Australia Next?

Government Weak and Gutless Coming to a suburb near you – it’s not “fake news” this is happening right now. PARIS AT WAR WITH THEIR REFUGEES – YouTube Almost every day there are numerous articles written about radical Muslims being allowed into Australia to preach their hatred against Australians and all who do not agree with or follow their demented ideology. WHY? It’s about time Australia came to grips with these radical inciters of hatred and violence. The video clip shows Paris in crisis and there are many other cities in Europe suffering the same fate. Do you want

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Innocents Suffering at the hands of Asylum Seekers

It was widely reported yesterday yet another incident involving an Asylum Seeker who decided to intentionally cause pain, suffering and possible death to innocent Australians because he could not get money out of an ATM. Once again the innocent face of Australia has been blighted by an illegal who should never have been allowed into the country. Get tough Australia and start deporting criminals who enter Australia illegally and deport the so called ‘refugees’ who commit criminal acts and terrorise our citizens. Thanks to government open door policies offering more than generous welfare to the thousands of illegal boat

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Finally Some Words of Wisdom

After reading about the ”Apex” gang and the criminal behavior of its members for some months, finally the government is making noises about taking action to fix the problem they created. The Mail Online reported that the immigration minister is considering revoking visas and deporting criminal immigrants. It’s about time! Poor immigration policy is bringing peoples from violent cultural backgrounds and placing them into our peaceful suburbs without any support for the locals who are subjected to criminal behavior by these people. Some cultures just don’t mix and assimilate with our society and will always remain on the fringes.

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GRANT GOLDMAN EDITORIAL Tuesday 27 September 2016

Yesterday I asked the question, how big should Sydney be? NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes seems to accept the forecast that in 2036 Sydney will have a population of 6.42 million, with the population of NSW jumping by 2.7 million, to almost 10 million.  2.1 million of the increase – that is seventy four percent or about three quarters is going to be in Sydney.  I made the point that it would be better for everyone if three quarters of the population increase were to take place in rural and remote New South Wales.  I also predicted that on

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Yesterday I raised the issue of the Greens staging a pre-planned walkout during Pauline Hanson’s first speech last week.  The Greens came seriously unstuck. What was obvious to everyone is that the Greens just hate the idea of anyone saying anything to contradict their own twisted view of the world.  And why is it that the Greens are so keen to defend Moslems from even gentle criticism? The Greens are hostile to our Christian civilisation, and they instinctively ally themselves with anyone else who is hostile to Christian civilisation. Following yesterday’s editorial I received a flood of favourable comment,

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Last week on Wednesday 14 September, Senator Pauline Hanson delivered her First Speech to the Senate.  Senators of the Australian Greens staged a pre-planned walk out during the speech, just at the point when Senator Hanson was warning that Australia was under threat from Sharia Law.  As the Greens senators rose from their seats and filed out behind her, Pauline Hanson was saying:  “Radicalisation is happening on our streets, suburbs, in mosques. Yet our leaders continue to tell us to be tolerant and embrace the good Muslims.” The leader of the Greens Senator Richard Di Natale tweeted shortly afterwards:

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Australia – The Lost Continent

An alarming article in the Daily Mail Australia online should be a wake up call to politicians of all persuasions especially to the major parties who claim to have the nation’s interests at heart. We feel sorry for all children who suffer at the hands of parents, religions, governments, criminals and other abusers who are damaging innocent lives in the name of who knows what. Poor children! The article outlines how our legal systems are being undermined and manipulated by immigrants who wish to impose their religious and cultural beliefs onto our free and peaceful society. Why should the

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Australia Buffeted and Floundering …… ???

Welcome to another beautiful day in the free democratic land of Australia. Where elected governments listen to their voters and place the people who put them on their ivory thrones before their own egotistical ambitions and the foreign raiders with hidden agendas. This brief essay is in response to the fact that Australia has lost its way and soon will lose its identity as an Anglo nation part of the once British Empire. Australia stands alone, buffeted not only by the waves that surround it but by its immediate neighbors and countries further afield who seek to plunder the resources

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Sonia Kruger and Free Speech!

Sonia Kruger Australia where is your voice? Stop for a moment and reflect upon your life, what you have, the environment you share and your freedoms. All the ignorant do-good and leftist political parties can do to gain points is to knock Australians who have genuine concerns about the state of affairs and direction Australia is headed. How come, respectable, peace loving Australians are criticized for their justifiable comments about the lawless, free loading immigrants our governments let into this country who aim to destroy our culture and way of life. To the news corporations and government of this

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Mass Murder In Nice

It’s tragic that humanity has reached this point in its history. Our deep felt sorrow to all who lost their lives in tragic circumstances. Amituofo. On the eleventh of September 2001 – the day universally known as Nine/Eleven, the cult of Aggressive Supremacist Islam declared war upon civilisation.   That declaration of war has been restated again and again, most recently in the South of France on Bastille Day 14 July 2016. Every one of those eighty four innocent human beings, including many children, all of whom suffered horrible and excruciatingly painful death, is a reason for us all to


Dutton’s welcomed remarks – Courier Mail May 2016

It’s about time minority groups and do-gooders face the reality of the world we live in. In a perfect world it would be admirable to provide aid for the millions living under repressive regimes and in poverty. It’s NOT a perfect world and the ‘open door’ policy advocates are placing their fellow Australians in unwanted and vulnerable situations. The main reason illegals seek access to western cultures is our welfare system. It’s manna from heaven, everything is free, can’t speak the lingo and can’t work but still the government throws money at us. “Australia is great”. My question to