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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 10 July 2017

Power Failure As Australia takes another step toward becoming a Latin American style basket case economy run by incompetent narcissistic dreamers squabbling over their ability to have a better idea than others when it comes to managing the country; the class divide gets wider by the day. Meanwhile on struggle street the hard working masses, the aged and infirm are about to be kicked in the guts again with the energy kingpins about to increase their costs by almost 20% in some cases. So what happened to the government promises? All governments, state and federal promised lower energy prices

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 19th June 2017

People Power? The recent British election outcome clearly shows that the majority of the western populations have had enough of mainstream party politics with their fancy speeches and outlandish promises. We are brain battered and exhausted by all the rhetoric and fanfare and have lost faith in the political system. As important global events unfold we in Australia are not immune. We have our own unfolding crises waiting to worsen as our elites fumble with ‘Mickey Mouse’ plans in the hope one idea may turn out to be their redeemer and shift opinion back into their favour. Sad, isn’t

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Grant Goldman editorial Friday 2 June 2017

Who’s TRUMPING Who? Yes, the White House musical chairs fiasco is continuing with US President Donald Trump’s communications director, Mike Dubke resigning his post only 3 months after taking the job. It certainly Looks like Trump is acting out his television reality show ‘The Apprentice’ in real time. However, to be fair, we must say that our Aussie lot of in-harmonious infantile party representatives are no match for the almighty ‘TRUMPER’. At least it appears he’s in some sort of control of the hiring and firing department whereas our armatures have to ask prior permission from their commercial lobbyist

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 11 May 2017

Controlled Fragmented Nations Here’s a thought – Is it possible that ‘Big Brother’ will sooner than later be controlling most western nations through their computer screens? Far-fetched one may say, yet George Orwell depicted this scenario in his novel Nineteen Eighty-four and it’s a possibility the world is heading in that direction with everyone from young babies to senior citizens all plugged, with hypnotic zest, into ‘Social Media’ in one form or another. Digital money can facilitate silicon chipping of persons so that they don’t lose their credit cards. Ones’ every digital imprint and telephone conversations are already tracked

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Death of Cash Continued

Death of Cash Continued  – Operation India; Watch out the Aussie $100 Note! On the 19th of February, 2016 : I spoke about the death of cash. Here’s a part of what I said back then. Do the terms, Bit-Coin, block-Chain, Pay-Wave & RFID sound familiar? Mint Payments say that Australians currently withdraw more than $11 Billion from ATMs each month. Moreover, research reveals that breakthroughs in    e-commerce technology, including Smartphone payment advances and tablet transactions becoming standard, plus E-tolls, Public Transport Opal cards and the plastic cards currently residing in  wallets could lead to the death of cash within

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Winners and Losers – Who’s Playing Who!

When it comes to politics there is never a level playing field. Bill Shortens handshake deal with the CMFEU (Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union) is another example of individuals putting their own ambitions before that of the country they were elected to represent. This sellout guaranteed Bill Shorten the numbers to beat his opponent Anthony Albanese for the leadership of the labor party. This is not so much about the union movement but rather another insight into the back room deals that play out within our political system. The public who vote rarely get who or what they voted

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The Rapid Decline of Civilised Societies

Face the truth that Australia is fast becoming a violent out of control country where crime including fraud, drugs and violence thrives within many cities and country areas and that most of the population is desensitised to the extent that we accept this as the norm. Open your daily papers, read online, its fact that crime is escalating with authorities too reluctant to enforce the law for fear of retribution or a backlash from the civil liberties advocates. Social chaos is being fueled by politicians who at best make a parliamentary appearance and worst say and do nothing meaningful,