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Political Dementia

In a world that is moving ever so close to nuclear war Australian politicians have their heads still buried in the sand. Globally there are serious conflicts, some of which have been ongoing for decades, others just emerging as flashpoints with the potential to escalate into civil war. The recent threats from North Korea should stir our political mob into developing some rational defense strategy rather than relying on outdated agreements made decades ago with once strong allies. The playing field and the players have changed. America is a declining world power, Great Britain is no longer ‘great’ and

Australian Government / Free Trade Agreements / Grant Goldman Editorial

Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 18 July 2017

Is the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement not worth the paper it’s written on? Here goes. Despite the so called China – Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) being in force, the continuing regulatory minefield that Australian companies must navigate to export agricultural foods into China [including where licences can seemingly be suspended at random and the rules can change overnight] has garnered another international victim because global dairy company giant, Parmalat’s Australian plant has been served with a suspension for its Chinese fresh milk export licence. This matter has come to our attention just days after the Australian infant milk