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Grant Goldman editorial Monday 21 August 2017

Foreigners’ parliament The Commonwealth shadow foreign affairs minister Penny Wong (and a former trade spokesperson) has signalled in past media reports that an incoming ALP Shorten administration would embrace the globally ambitious Chinese ‘One belt – One road’ initiative which, if enacted, might jeopardise long standing security arrangements between the US and Australia; Darwin Port’s surrender notwithstanding. Australian’s have recently learned that not all Chinese trade is beneficial to our nation and given our haste to chase a fast buck, the Chinese Peoples’ Republic will likely continue relying on the exercise by them of non-tariff trade barriers as an

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Money, Money, Money

The Great Aussie Rip Off It’s all about money. Rich, young Chinese are one sector of Chinese society buying up big in Australia. According to the Daily Mail online they snap up 25% of all new properties on the market with 20% left empty. The housing market has become an investment cash cow for many foreign investors driving up property values as they compete amongst each other leaving Australian first home buyers unable to match their spending power. Australian governments, present and past have jeopardised the future of many young Australians by putting profit before its citizens welfare. The

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‘In time, this world will be China’s’

“In time, this world will be China’s” It could be the title for a Bond movie but it refers to a comment made by a brother of one of China’s richest men. The Ye Cheng family, Chinese billionaires behind the contentious  Landbridge Group acquisition of the Port of Darwin. Adding to this another world port has been purchased – read more. Should Australia be concerned about handing control of a major northern port to foreign interests – YES is our answer. Stop to look at how China is positioning itself globally. While the world is distracted by global conflict and

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Endgame ……..

It’s no coincidence that China is maneuvering itself into strategic positions globally. “China is challenging the balance of power in the Pacific with much greater determination… A symbolic moment was reached in 2014 when the IMF announced that, measured in terms of purchasing power; China is now the world’s largest economy… China’s rise is just part of a larger shift in economic power. According to the IMF, three of the world’s four largest economies are now in Asia” (Financial Times, August 5, 2016). Earlier this year China “reportedly deployed two batteries of HQ-9 surface-to-air missiles to a disputed island

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Bob Carr should shut up or move to China

Australia is an attractive target for foreign raiders. It’s about time Australian’s did business on their terms and not be bullied into selling out this country. We are well aware that governments of all persuasions are in debt and scratching for funds. It’s about time we changed our mindset and became a self-sufficient nation, a nation that dictates its terms of trade and a nation that can protect its sovereignty. The world needs resources and will continue to do so well into the future. As resources and markets dry up Australia is well placed to capitalize but it should

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Wong is Wrong!

Australia must welcome Chinese investment in farmland, agribusiness if it means a better trade deal says Shadow Trade Minister Penny Wong Another moronic statement by a polly waffler! I wonder whose side she is on? After reading an article published in the Weekly Times by Rob Harris  it’s no wonder Australians are absolutely disillusioned with a political system that encourages stupidity. Australia is being led down the path to oblivion by governments, state and federal with no plausible explanation as to why their “sell off” policies are valid and in the best interest of Australia and its citizens. Wong

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PRC Surreptitiously Buying Our Agricultural Assets

Around the nation, and what is even more important, among my listeners, there is a high and rising concern about the burgeoning level of foreign ownership of productive Australian rural land.  By far the biggest worry is ownership by companies which are extensions of the Communist-controlled government of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The Goldman doctrine is that there is no need for any Communist  government agency to own even one acre of Australian rural property.  The Chinese want food security.  They can have food security.  The Communist Chinese can have whatever they want from Australia without the need to own

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Australia’s critical infrastructure being sold to foreign powers

It was reported in the Daily Mail that Scott Morrison treasurer of Australia is contemplating the sell-off of another piece of critical infrastructure to a Chinese company. As a lay person making observations based only on news reports you may say that these comments and concerns are unfounded. Take a moment to find out which countries control or are bidding to control Australia’s critical infrastructure. All are overseas based with strong links to foreign governments. Should Australians be concerned? YES they should be very concerned. Look what happened with the Port of Darwin! It was reported that there were

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Beware the Creeping Tiger

Over the years there have been many protests at the Parliament of New South Wales.  Yesterday’s was different, with crowds of protestors, some accompanied by their beautiful greyhounds, expressing their opposition to the Baird Government’s insistence on closing the greyhound racing industry.  The flawed decision was raised on this program and I am pleased that other broadcasters have followed.  Nobody has yet answered my question:  Which high flying political lobbyist has a buyer for Wentworth Park and the other assets of the industry? The Baird Governments is also under fire over the controversial sell-out of our key essential assets

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Almost four weeks after the election, we are getting closer to the end of counting.  A new election is possible in Herbert, and a recount for the Senate is likely for the Senate in Tasmania, where the number two Greens candidate has just 144 more votes than the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Candidate. This is a good time to review policies which were advocated prior to the election. Opposition spokesperson on trade, Senator Penny Wong said a Labor government would make it easier for international investors to buy Australian farms. Senator Wong Labor would lift from $15 million to

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Democracy for sale down under!

Democracy for sale down under! As reported in the Australian “Kidman hires Libs` Kingpin” on June 21, by Damon Kitney, a Canberra based lobbying firm established by Factional Liberal Michael Photios has been appointed to advise the S. Kidman & Co cattle empire in  attempting to revive a controversial sale that has hit foreign investment hurdles. Capital Hill is run for Photios by former big-pharma lobbyist Nick Campbell who for years pretended to be a factional opponent of his now  business ally.   The move is a response to Treasury opposition to the proposed $370m sale of the cattle giant

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Housing affordability in Australia

Housing affordability Australian Housing affordability has been undermined by the major parties. Though the terms of the Baird and Abbott/Turnbull Governments there has been a housing development boom coinciding with skyrocketing house and unit prices.   Very many of the new homes have been built for foreign investors. In his book “The unfair Trade”, Michael Casey mentions similar situations overseas where undisclosed mainland Chinese buyers  purchased properties which were left unoccupied. Most of the big spending Chinese were not investing to live there, nor even to earn rental income, but for capital appreciation.   We have been told by the major

Foreign Investment

Chinese incessant buy up continues

According to a recent study, “Chinese nationals have become the largest foreign buyers of US property after pouring billions into the market in search of safe offshore assets… A huge surge in Chinese buying of both residential and commercial real estate last year took their five-year investment total to more than $110bn” (The Guardian, May 15, 2016). “Chinese investment in property has also helped to inflate prices in other developed countries, notably the UK and Australia in the wake of the dip in world stock markets in 2015. And despite a slowdown due to Beijing’s subsequent clampdown on capital