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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 17 October 2017

“Electrickery”  The topic on everybody’s minds at the moment is energy prices for households and for businesses. Only, in case anybody doesn’t understand; what is a business? I work for a broadcasting business. They are a vehicle for entrepreneurs’ who by taking personal financial risks and other administrative burdens onto themselves they strive to innovate society and make some extra money for themselves and their families. Society is benefited by the products or services we consume as inputs and society gains from the enhancements through finished items or services supplied to others; in our case broadcasting to reward our

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Stupidity or a Con Job ……..

Australia is fast becoming a manufacturing wasteland with many business operators caving in under the exorbitant cost of energy so it’s no surprise to see them close or take their business offshore. Its plainly obvious to we lay people that governments of all persuasions either care little for this country and the hard workers who slave to keep the money flowing or don’t have the common sense or political acumen to govern. Politicians, once elected have a free pass to make foolish policy decisions, to place the country in jeopardy, to exploit interests they benefit from, to change rules

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Cracked – Fractured – Broken

How else should one describe the disorder the world is experiencing and how has it reached the point of no return? Since the end of the Second World War it was hoped that peace would prevail throughout the globe and societies would embrace the opportunity to advance themselves and prosper. Fast forward to 2017 and take a snapshot of life on planet earth. It’s not what the masses envisaged. Conflict, discord and dissension are the norm and humans are becoming more and more desensitised to the violence, rape and pillage on the streets with no end in sight of

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 27 September 2017

Blackouts Stalk Green Energy Utopia OR GREENTOPIA! Today, I wish to illustrate what a Green Utopia will be like to live in. In doing so I wish to firstly thank the Queensland based Carbon-sense coalition and also Mark Latham’s insightful Daily Telegraph ‘opinion piece’ published yesterday. Here Goes: It is 7pm on a cold still night in the city which boasts “100% Green Energy”. Thousands of electric cars are in their garages plugged into chargers; electric lights, heaters and TVs are running; electric stoves are cooking dinner, electric trains and lifts are moving late commuters and early revellers, and

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 10 July 2017

Power Failure As Australia takes another step toward becoming a Latin American style basket case economy run by incompetent narcissistic dreamers squabbling over their ability to have a better idea than others when it comes to managing the country; the class divide gets wider by the day. Meanwhile on struggle street the hard working masses, the aged and infirm are about to be kicked in the guts again with the energy kingpins about to increase their costs by almost 20% in some cases. So what happened to the government promises? All governments, state and federal promised lower energy prices

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 12 May 2017

Australia’s Energy Crisis It’s almost unbelievable that Australia is facing an unprecedented energy crisis. You may well ask who is to blame for this disastrous situation. Governments need to be held accountable for their inaction, a total lack of commitment and their irresponsibility that has led to Australia, a major exporter of coal and gas, facing this disastrous dilemma. Retail Energy prices are set to soar again and maybe by as much as 30%.  Voters want all parties to consolidate, to agree on a sensible national energy policy and to fix the problem quickly. Australian household budgets and small

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Watt Power Crisis?

If you owned or had a financial stake in an electricity generating plant you would be ecstatic with the current rules that govern power generation and distribution within Australia. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Viewing their online marketing publications gives the public a warm secure feeling that as the video states “Our Vision – Energy Security for all Australians”. Wow! That’s great. Without being too critical of the publication of that marketing spiel on August 3 2015.  Its 2017 so what went wrong? As to be expected the power industry selloff by governments has created a ‘Profit First’

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 17 March 2017

Hoodwinked Again When will governments begin to do the right thing by their voters? When will the Australian public be protected from multinational predators that are sanctioned by governments to deliver crucial services? The country’s restless inhabitants’ wants ALL critical services re-NATIONALISED so as to remove the money grabbing predators that currently control Australia’s essential services. Since Elon Musk commented on Australia’s electricity challenge the truth is slowly unraveling. Yesterday’s highly publicised meeting between energy industries heavyweights and the apparent Prime Minister Mr. Turnbull seems to be no more than another jocular talk-fest WITHOUT ANY conclusive or beneficial outcomes