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Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 11 July 2017

Teachers Pets Cruelty to animals is an offence and is punishable by law; however Australian teachers are subjected to disgusting and unconscionable physical and emotional behaviour by the juvenile louts they are expected to teach. Yet the uncontrollable remain largely unpunished. Wht happens when these individuals leave school and enter mainstream society? It’s the responsibility of parents to properly chastise and educate their offspring in the correct manner to behave in our society so as to respect their peers and themselves. Sadly some parents might find controlling their difficult child to be a somewhat daunting task and sometimes it

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“TAFE Cuts teachers despite skill shortage”

Grant Goldman Tuesday 14 June 2016 Last week on Thursday 9th June, Education Reporter Eryk Bagshaw contributed to the Sydney Morning Herald an article headlined: “TAFE Cuts teachers despite skill shortage” We learned that documents obtained by Fairfax Media have revealed that despite a nationwide shortage of apprentices, NSW TAFE Carpentry, plumbing and painting teachers are being made redundant at one of the State`s largest institutes. The article asserts that the State government`s vocational education restructure is promoting the training of apprentices on site while core trades move towards the scandal plagued private sector.   By scandal we are talking