Earth Hour / Grant Goldman Editorial

Grant Goldman Editorial 29 March 2017

Earth Hour Part 3. On Thursday last week I drew the attention of my listeners to Earth Hour, an annual propaganda event conducted by a wicked political organisation which pretends to be a charity.  Yes, Earth Hour came and went on Saturday night. To the best of my knowledge the Prime Minister did the right thing and kept the lights on at his house.  Unfortunately many businesses and individuals were duped into turning off their lights in support of yet another blatant and dishonest attack upon the minds of our children. Last week I explained the fake charity WWF

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 20 March 2017

Earth Hour On Saturday 25 March – that is the coming weekend – there will be a gigantic propaganda effort by the anti-energy thugs who want to destroy our civilisation.  For the whole of this week you can expect  maximum Goebbelism on the ABC.  Irresponsible and rogue members of the teaching profession will be drafting innocent impressionable youngsters as their victims.  Thousands of dopes across Australia will be lighting candles instead of flicking light switches and some of them will accidentally start fires and threaten the lives of their loved ones. I am talking about Earth Hour.  Dangerous organisations,