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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 3 August 2017

Dangerous Rule: Australia really has become decadent and immoral with brainless Pollies leading the way. The well Recognised and acceptable social values which we have embraced since the end of the Second World War are being undermined by anti-Christian exponents in favour of the destruction of mainstream social norms and our family values. It was reported in Queensland’s The Daily Mail that, “The Backward State” is actively considering banning Christian references from school events and playgrounds in sweeping atheistic changes to education practices. It’s hard to believe that the Queensland government is entertaining such bizarre and draconian ideas. Those

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Australia not Islam

Australia not Islam What more evidence do Australian authorities need as proof that Islam does not accept or fit in with western values? Reverse the situation and if westerners acted that way toward their belief system we would be called out for being racist or suffering from islamophobia or whatever tag the bleeding hearts want to call it. We should leave these intemperate people to enjoy their lifestyle in their country under their barbaric laws and they should not be allowed to bring their hate of the west to our shores let alone migrate here. The Saudi Arabian soccer

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Trump Trumpets Trump

The pictures say it all.  How embarrassing for our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to be humiliated by an egotistical lump like Trump. All Trump cares about is Trump. It’s a worrying situation to have such a megalomaniac with his finger on the nuclear button. America and the world should be worried. Hopefully Turnbull will return home with a renewed stamina for nationalism and with his focus on Australia and Australia’s interests. Hopefully he will realise that the world is bleeding Australia of its assets and resources. Trump wants us for our strategic geographic position and our trading channels to Asia. Australia

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Australia Day Banner

Well said Prue MacSween. One would expect to see such a banner displayed in a Muslim country but not in Australia. Australia is not a Muslim country and those who surreptitiously attempt to make it so should be mindful of the millions of Australians they are offending. Whoever thought to display this banner was cavalier about the message they were sending as all it did was divide even further the rift between immigrants and citizens of Australia. Wherever you come from and no matter what religious belief you follow, if you are unhappy about this great country that took

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Finally Some Words of Wisdom

After reading about the ”Apex” gang and the criminal behavior of its members for some months, finally the government is making noises about taking action to fix the problem they created. The Mail Online reported that the immigration minister is considering revoking visas and deporting criminal immigrants. It’s about time! Poor immigration policy is bringing peoples from violent cultural backgrounds and placing them into our peaceful suburbs without any support for the locals who are subjected to criminal behavior by these people. Some cultures just don’t mix and assimilate with our society and will always remain on the fringes.

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Australia on the Road to Nowhere

The Daily Mail Australia reported a pregnant woman walking in south east Melbourne was attacked by a number of thugs believed to be from Melbourne’s African Apex gang. The masked men were armed with a baseball bat, axe and hammer. It is believed that the same gang is responsible for an attempted carjacking earlier in the evening. Why do authorities allow these violent delinquents to remain in Australia? The question we should ask is “Why did the government allow them visas in the first place”? – Maybe we should ask the Greens! How much more violence and intimidation do

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Freedom of Speech

Wednesday 27 July Sonia Kruger What do Sonia Kruger, Kerrianne Kennerly and Senator-elect Pauline Hanson have in common?  Each is articulate, each is in the public eye, each is willing to express an opinion, and each of these ladies is in favour of freedom of speech. For a couple of decades the misogynists have been stringgering at Pauline Hanson, and some of them have scuttled away with their tails between their legs. Recently the misogynists found another target in the form of Sonia Kruger, who came under vicious attack for simply expressing a legitimate concern which the great majority

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Middle East History

Background on current situation in the Middle East Several of my listeners have asked for some historical background on the present situation in the Middle East, so here were are: The former Ottoman Empire founded in 1299 and headquartered in Istanbul (Constantinople) at its height ruled over much of the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa & the Balkans. It included the holiest of Islamic cities Medina & Mecca. For a significant period of its existence the Ottoman or Turkish empire was a Caliphate, ruled by an Islamic steward who was considered a religious successor to Mohammad. The Great War was

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Culture Clash!

It was written somewhere that the Russian revolutionary leader Lenin once described people who were naive enough to support something they didn’t really understand as ‘useful idiots’. The hard left in Australia are stupid enough not to realise that they are being exploited by hard line Muslim radicals. ‘Useful idiots’ indeed. It is unfortunate that western society’s immigration policies have neglected to foresee and understand that some cultures are alien to our way of life and that the world is not, and it seems will not be for a long time, be ready for the mass integration of cultures.