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Finally Some Words of Wisdom

After reading about the ”Apex” gang and the criminal behavior of its members for some months, finally the government is making noises about taking action to fix the problem they created. The Mail Online reported that the immigration minister is considering revoking visas and deporting criminal immigrants. It’s about time! Poor immigration policy is bringing peoples from violent cultural backgrounds and placing them into our peaceful suburbs without any support for the locals who are subjected to criminal behavior by these people. Some cultures just don’t mix and assimilate with our society and will always remain on the fringes.

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Australia on the Road to Nowhere

The Daily Mail Australia reported a pregnant woman walking in south east Melbourne was attacked by a number of thugs believed to be from Melbourne’s African Apex gang. The masked men were armed with a baseball bat, axe and hammer. It is believed that the same gang is responsible for an attempted carjacking earlier in the evening. Why do authorities allow these violent delinquents to remain in Australia? The question we should ask is “Why did the government allow them visas in the first place”? – Maybe we should ask the Greens! How much more violence and intimidation do

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Crime – What Crime?

Gold Coast Bulletin August 24 2016 Focus today is on the Gold Coast and we can reveal that crime is exploding with top cops attributing part of the blame on visitors and an increase in population numbers. Well let’s face it, someone has to take the blame! Monday’s GCB front page reported “Dial a Dealer”, “Tuesday’s GCB front page reported “Murder & Mayhem” and today’s edition “Blow-in Crime Wave”. These are great headlines for paper sales and a major tourist destination if it wasn’t for the sad fact that innocent people get caught up in the chaos. This is