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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 23 October 2017

RENEWABLE ENERGY Today I shall do something different by letting someone else write my editorial.  Not just someone else, but seven Queenslanders who all hold degrees in science or engineering.  Their names are D.J. Buchbach, Alex Campbell, Jim Elliot, Steve Howard, Don Mackintosh, Bob McCulloch and Des Pane.   These Queenslanders have written a remarkable open letter to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. I am going to share a shortened version with you, my alert listeners. We are a group of retired scientists and engineers in Queensland, and we are alarmed at the direction our country

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Political Dementia

In a world that is moving ever so close to nuclear war Australian politicians have their heads still buried in the sand. Globally there are serious conflicts, some of which have been ongoing for decades, others just emerging as flashpoints with the potential to escalate into civil war. The recent threats from North Korea should stir our political mob into developing some rational defense strategy rather than relying on outdated agreements made decades ago with once strong allies. The playing field and the players have changed. America is a declining world power, Great Britain is no longer ‘great’ and

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Grant Goldman Editorial Thursday 19 October 2017

Peninsula Paradise Lost? Australia is currently enduring one of her most significant residential property building binges in our recent modern history. The NSW business elites have recently come together in an historic call on government to compel our elected leaders to stay the course and keep innovating and to be thinking big. This demand generated construction rampage has been influenced by a government inspired ‘Ponzi Scheme merry-go-round’ economy whose banking system largely underpinned by an official and artificially stage-managed construction boom fuelled by a voodoo economics’ cherished high immigration stance. Once peaceful oases of calm occupying the fringes of

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Adani & Government Complicity or Stupidity!

It’s somewhat difficult to understand, especially from a lay persons point of view, why Australia’s Federal and Queensland’s State Government are even considering allowing a company under investigation on fraud and environmental destruction charges to borrow tax payers money to the value of 1 Billion dollars when banks and private funding sources have refused to provide finance for Adani’s proposed Carmichael Coal project in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Outwardly it appears to be a simple case of MONEY over the ENVIRONMENT and the WISHES of the people. We all know who NOT to vote for at the coming Queensland election

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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 16 October 2017

Elderly Cost Cutting My esteemed mate and popular super radio network colleague Dave Sutherland usually signs-off from his shows with the phrase, “Be kind to your children because they choose your nursing home!” It seems never a more accurate sentiment has been expressed. I have spoken before in this segment about abuse of the elderly; so today I wish to revisit that theme and to focus in particular on the quality of care available to residents of our nation’s Aged Care facilities. Elder abuse is defined by the world health organisation (WHO) as a single or repeated act, or

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Dumb, Dumb and Dumber – Political Insanity

As summer approaches the days get longer and temperatures rise it seems that our Pollys are suffering from heat stroke and delusional aspirations when it comes to their latest brain snap. The Daily Mail reports Islamic extremists born overseas will be given a deportation ultimatum under a new Australian government plan. Foreign extremists will be given one month to enrol in a deradicalisation program or risk being deported, The Daily Telegraph reported. Community Protection Intervention Orders could be used to enforce bans and curfews on extremists, otherwise they will be at risk of having visas cancelled. Excuse me while I find

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The Freedom Fallacy

Is ‘freedom’ really the answer to living a happy contented life? Western societies have long espoused to their ‘free and easy’ way of life and the benefits of such a lifestyle. Today our freedom is slowly being eroded by the establishment. My view is that with ‘freedom’ comes responsibility, a responsibility toward yourself and to other human beings, to respect their views without inflicting your beliefs on others in ways that create discord and animosity, in some cases leading to violence. Humans have morphed into a selfish, self-gratifying species which continually wallows in greed, lust, perversion and intolerance with

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Grant Goldman editorial Wednesday 23 August 2017

All of us are aware of defining events which changed or made history.  I’ll mention just a few. On December 16, 1773 the Boston Tea Party led to the American War of Independence which has profoundly interested human events for nearly three and a half centuries. On 16 July 1833, thanks to the tireless efforts of William Wilberforce, the Abolition of Slavery Bill passed its third reading in the House of Commons. On the 24th of October 1889 in Tenterfield just South of the Border between New South Wales and Queensland, Sir Henry Parks made a speech calling for Federation

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 10 August 2017

A Nation Asleep It appears that while ever fringe issues dominate the fast paced news and current affairs cycle, so many more meaty matters are being left unventilated, undebated and unaddressed by mainstream society and allowing pollies cover to covertly pass other items through the parliament and the executive branch of government. Political correctness and virtue signalling by social justice warriors have repressed established community. There is now incredible unease being felt by many listeners who are ignored at the expense of radical social ideologies and who are subdued by neo-liberal economic practices. In the event that any type

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 3 August 2017

Dangerous Rule: Australia really has become decadent and immoral with brainless Pollies leading the way. The well Recognised and acceptable social values which we have embraced since the end of the Second World War are being undermined by anti-Christian exponents in favour of the destruction of mainstream social norms and our family values. It was reported in Queensland’s The Daily Mail that, “The Backward State” is actively considering banning Christian references from school events and playgrounds in sweeping atheistic changes to education practices. It’s hard to believe that the Queensland government is entertaining such bizarre and draconian ideas. Those

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Labor Leftist Lobotomy

Over Paid Buffoons As we all know and are aware Australia is the land of ‘milk and honey’ with a booming economy and a multicultural society the envy of the world. Wow! That was a mouthful and I’m glad I could spit it out. The Tasmanian Opposition has been accused of moving to force “Middle Eastern” dress codes on school girls ahead of its annual state conference. This should be taken and understood by all who cherish the notion of democracy of exactly what the Australian Labor Party is all about. It is the precursor, in tandem with the

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Offended – Over What?

More Polly Waffle! How ridiculous and what a total waste of time and energy to have a senior government minister apologising over some glib comments made about same-sex marriage. Why is this even an issue? What is the entire hullabaloo about? The answer is, absolutely nothing. No wonder voters are turning their backs on politicians, especially the main stream mob. He said, you said, he did, you did, who cares, just get on with trying to manage the country. I would have thought there were more urgent issues to debate other than one’s personal sexual preferences. The people responsible

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Political Disconnect – A Fragmented Nation

Stop Peddling Drivel The political game has changed and the political dinosaurs with their heads in the sand will continue to lose the traditional voting base that supported their views over previous decades. In an attempt to connect to social media savvy voters and to engage with the younger generation whilst keeping their faithful voter base the Libs have just released a new web site The Fair Go This poor attempt to seduce voters is no match for such organisations as the Getup movement. Once again the Libs knee jerk reaction to criticism goes to show how their due

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What Assimilation?

What a joke! Australian governments and the bleeding hearts brigade keep telling us that refugees and peoples with Islamic beliefs do integrate and accept and embrace this beautiful country and our way of life. Really ……… What the government tells the public is all twaddle and now the Brisbane City Council in Queensland is considering allowing the construction of an ‘Islamic Hub’ which in reality will become a ‘Muslim Enclave’ encouraging the segregation of race, creed and mainstream society. The Muslim village will have apartments, a child care center, naturally a mosque and the developer denies the new ‘hub’

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Blood on the Streets

When will Australian elected governments admit they got it wrong and are still getting it wrong when it comes to immigration policy by allowing radical activists, extremists and peoples with direct opposing views and radically violent beliefs to enter this country and settle here? The senseless killing of innocent people is a direct result of unchecked migration, unchecked subversion within Islamic communities, and migration of peoples from African countries who are enslaved to a violent existence. This is not necessarily their fault but rather the fault of their governments who openly encourage violence to support their power struggle. This

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Scuttled Again!

It’s been some time since the public was updated on the progress of Australia’s defence purchases. It appears that the Australian governments purchase of 12 new submarines from the French company DCNS[1] will end up to be another mammoth disastrous decision similar to the debacle of the Collins Class submarines. Another concern is the purchase of military aircraft on order[2]. Worrying comments relating to the combat plane’s performance[3] are of concern, so why isn’t the government questioning these concerns? What is it about the politicians we elect that they don’t seem to have the capacity of logical thinking. The

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Protecting Australia’s Sovereignty

Grant Goldman Editorial for Wednesday 22 February 2017 The Chinese Government’s push for globalism and free trade is seen by some observers as being more of a strategy for even greater control and ownership over Australian assets and that of the Pacific Rim. The PRC now seeks to fill the USA’s vacuum & its place for the secretive and undemocratic TPP. The Rinehart model for foreign ownership is the best and most forward-thinking option for Australia. Gina Rinehart’s recent push into the Cattle industry has involved  her purchase of a substantial two thirds interest in the Kidman cattle empire comprising

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Government Spending

Once again the public are outraged by Australian governments lending an ear to a Muslim activist youth leader who went on a taxpayer-funded trip around the Middle East to promote her book courtesy of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade The Australian reported. According to the government, Australia is in a critical financial situation and politics instead of common sense are playing out in Canberra where yesterday the government hinted at increasing taxes to pay for the debt the previous Labor government and wasteful spending of this government has placed our country. The point is that there is

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Australian Graziers in the Government’s Crosshairs

Turnbull or is it Trumble? More Polly Waffle. They say nothing of substance; just dribble enough to appease the voters. The old saying “money talks” is again apparent as the Defence minister, whatever her name is, agreed to expand the already large war drill area to accommodate Singaporean troops by obliterating land owners, their history and their assets for a couple of billion dollars. According to press reports and tv current affairs programs compulsory acquisition of prime cattle country is likely to go ahead. Who in their right mind would destroy food producing property for a ‘Cowboy and Indian’

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Bureaucrats with their snouts in the trough

They’re at it again Federal bureaucrats have been granted a perk that forces taxpayers to pay their stamp duty when they buy a new home. – Reported in Gold Coast Bulletin February 6 2017 (Page 8). The trough gets deeper every day with thousands of snouts groveling around in the muck to feed on the hard working tax payers forced donations to a failing system. Angry? You could say that as millions of Australians are struggling to survive in a way overheated economy thanks to bad government decisions being made in the name of progress. But wait there is