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Grant Goldman Editorial Monday 9 October 2017

Could NSW State Labor Leader Luke Foley be considering going Federal? [Are NSW state issues are getting boring for him?] As reported in page two of the Australian newspaper [September 27th] by Primrose Riordan “Labor leader aligns with China on BRI”. NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley has fully endorsed Red China’s global infrastructure fund and mimicked language used by Beijing officials in attacking Australia’s media for being driven by a Cold War mentality towards the Communist governed nation. Mr Foley and prominent NSW Labor MP Ernest Wong [tied to a prominent Chinese political donor] , hosted a media conference

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Beware the Creeping Tiger

China’s state-controlled Yan­zhou Coal says the planned $US2.45 billion ($3.2B) purchase of Rio Tinto’s Hunter Valley coalmines by its Australian subsidiary, Yancoal, will give China a bigger say in coal price talks. Australia continues to sell off its abundant legacy of natural resources to the stealthy creep of the PRC and other nations. Soon we will no longer be masters of our own destiny but rather slaves to a dominant communist regime with global aspirations. Woe the day Australian governments began selling off Australia’s infrastructure and natural resources to foreign predators. Governments are selling your future to regimes that

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 19 May 2017

Communist Cash is King! Yes cash is king and China has more of it than most and in the year 2016 had spent $72Billion in the Australian property market and their spending is increasing. This has to STOP! It’s ridiculous that our government is allowing offshore speculators to push our domestic housing market to extreme heights. Housing ownership is already largely out of reach for new market entrants. However, little has been said recently about those seeking to merely rent to put a roof over their head. Costs for rental properties around the nation have risen sharply to meet

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Chinese Tactical Maneuvering

On August 13 2016 we wrote an article ‘Endgame’ outlining reported acquisitions by Chinese interests. The news report Jan 5 2017 ‘Communist China moves against Trump, asserts control over strategic ports’ details specific procurement by Chinese state controlled corporations masquerading as private entities. In Australia it appears that a blind man could have seen the surreptitious manoeuvring by Chinese entities throwing money at State and Federal governments to secure key infrastructure within the nation. No matter, MONEY talks, even at the expense of Australia’s future, unfortunately blind men never get elected to government. Australia is being manipulated by all