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Australia a Precious Land

Australia, described in the writings of Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson and Louis Esson inspires our imagination and take us to a time when Australia was the land of milk and honey with an abundance of opportunity and inspiration. They left us with a richness of stimulation and opportunity which translates into today’s Australia, a vibrant country with the beating heart of wandering immigrants, dispossessed indigenous people and a political system failing its peoples. It’s sad that the romanticism in the writings of those early poets has disappeared from our minds and way of life. Modernisation, globalisation, political correctness, along

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A World Free of Conflicts

The quietness of the dawn is soothing yet invigorating. The sun is about to rise and the first signs of life twittered in the surrounding trees. This time is my time, a time of peace and tranquillity, a time of reflection, a time to give thanks to the creator, a time to give thanks for my life. My personal sanctuary is a secret place I visit daily, it offers wonderful benefits and revitalises my body, mind and soul, I never want to leave my tranquil place of happiness. Opening my eyes from meditation the reality of the present floods

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Australian Justice System an Absurdity

I’m not a devoted fan of Derryn Hinch but he does instigate some thought and discussion on issues that should be brought into the public domain. This is one such issue as reported by the Daily Mail Australia. An incident occurred in which a 28 year old Afghan national was jailed for one day (that’s 1 day) and had his license suspended for two days (Yes that’s 2 days) for deliberately running over a police officer. Read the full story it’s an amazing insight into the stupid Australian Justice system that allows incompetent magistrates to set free criminals with

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Wong is Wrong!

Australia must welcome Chinese investment in farmland, agribusiness if it means a better trade deal says Shadow Trade Minister Penny Wong Another moronic statement by a polly waffler! I wonder whose side she is on? After reading an article published in the Weekly Times by Rob Harris  it’s no wonder Australians are absolutely disillusioned with a political system that encourages stupidity. Australia is being led down the path to oblivion by governments, state and federal with no plausible explanation as to why their “sell off” policies are valid and in the best interest of Australia and its citizens. Wong

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Australia’s critical infrastructure being sold to foreign powers

It was reported in the Daily Mail that Scott Morrison treasurer of Australia is contemplating the sell-off of another piece of critical infrastructure to a Chinese company. As a lay person making observations based only on news reports you may say that these comments and concerns are unfounded. Take a moment to find out which countries control or are bidding to control Australia’s critical infrastructure. All are overseas based with strong links to foreign governments. Should Australians be concerned? YES they should be very concerned. Look what happened with the Port of Darwin! It was reported that there were

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Aggressive Neighbors

An editorial which appeared in The Global Times last week and reported on by The Daily Mail should be a wake up call to all levels of Australian government that there is trouble smoldering and that Australia is a target of aggression not only from IS but also from its neighbors. Wake up Australia! The past few years have seen the world fall victim to criminal gangs using religion as an excuse for their atrocities, countries invaded, millions of peoples displaced by their governments and many other acts of violence and aggression globally. This level of violence combined with

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Australia Buffeted and Floundering …… ???

Welcome to another beautiful day in the free democratic land of Australia. Where elected governments listen to their voters and place the people who put them on their ivory thrones before their own egotistical ambitions and the foreign raiders with hidden agendas. This brief essay is in response to the fact that Australia has lost its way and soon will lose its identity as an Anglo nation part of the once British Empire. Australia stands alone, buffeted not only by the waves that surround it but by its immediate neighbors and countries further afield who seek to plunder the resources

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Sonia Kruger and Free Speech!

Sonia Kruger Australia where is your voice? Stop for a moment and reflect upon your life, what you have, the environment you share and your freedoms. All the ignorant do-good and leftist political parties can do to gain points is to knock Australians who have genuine concerns about the state of affairs and direction Australia is headed. How come, respectable, peace loving Australians are criticized for their justifiable comments about the lawless, free loading immigrants our governments let into this country who aim to destroy our culture and way of life. To the news corporations and government of this

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Culture Clash!

It was written somewhere that the Russian revolutionary leader Lenin once described people who were naive enough to support something they didn’t really understand as ‘useful idiots’. The hard left in Australia are stupid enough not to realise that they are being exploited by hard line Muslim radicals. ‘Useful idiots’ indeed. It is unfortunate that western society’s immigration policies have neglected to foresee and understand that some cultures are alien to our way of life and that the world is not, and it seems will not be for a long time, be ready for the mass integration of cultures.

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‘What about us?’

‘What about us?’ ASHLEIGH DAVIS FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA PUBLISHED: 20:42 EST, 16 July 2016 | UPDATED: 22:56 EST, 16 July 2016. Retrieved from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/auhome/index.html Well said Lucy Bain. More Australians should be mindful that if we don’t care for our own no one from overseas will – they will surreptitiously take over and we won’t like it! It’s about time all governing bodies started looking after Australians and taking their privileged positions seriously by helping Australians who voted for them to take care of this country and its peoples. Lucy Bain is asking a question asked by many hard working Australians. Governments

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Finally a result!

After weeks of listening to waffle from all sides of politics the counting of votes has delivered a result, of sorts. With another weak politician elected as hopefully the best of a bad bunch Australians are apprehensive about the future. What we need are leaders who put Australians and Australia first. Leaders who have the backing of the majority of Australians to tell it as it is. Stop pussy footing around trying to be politically correct, too afraid of offending whoever has a platform for their personal agenda and ego. Make the voting system easy and fair. Stop minority

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Today’s the day – be careful what you wish for …………!!!

Finally, the day has come when we wade through the throng of voters who each have their own agenda, needs, likes and dislikes and will undoubtedly vote for someone who hopefully will deliver on the promises they made to secure that vote. Good luck Australia – you’ll need it as the world around you becomes more socially chaotic and politically difficult to navigate. One comment we must make is that the voting system is a total mess and certainly not democratic. Take a look at the voting paper and the RULES one must follow to ensure your vote is valid. You

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Voting 2016 and where Australia is heading!

Umm, it’s almost the end of another boring non-event election campaign with not one candidate (and keep in mind they are candidates) appearing as a strong statesman with leadership qualities to protect Australia’s interests, its citizens, their livelihoods and their lifestyle against the onslaught of foreign raiders and people who have surreptitious agendas. Now suppose these hopefuls were seeking selection for a position in the real world and had nothing to offer other than their charisma and skill set. No business connections, no ‘brown paper bags’, nothing except themselves and what they had to offer an employer (Australian citizens). Would you

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Our reply to Barnaby Joyce on the Dairy Farm crisis

What a pathetic response, it goes to show who’s running the country. Not sure what comes first the dollars or the ego but it’s disgusting that no side of politics will openly support their own citizens. Throw the lot out of power they don’t deserve a vote. Is Australia for Australians or or have the foreign raiders already infiltrated our political and social institutions? Sadly our once beautiful land is being sculptured into an unrecognisable catastrophe. Vote carefully – vote for anyone except the LNP, ALP, Greens. 

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Who will your vote go to…….?@#! Disillusioned!

Take a look at this list. Now seriously, think about the political system and voting structure. As a free society we all have an opinion and we are allowed to voice our beliefs and values but how many of the listed parties really understand and know what they are doing when it comes to running Australia. I mean take a look at the state of the country. It appears that the only good thing politicians are good at is spending other peoples money and selling the country to overseas interests. #Sustainable Australia 21st Century Australia Animal Justice Party Australia First

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Expanding Foreign claws into Darwin

Darwin Targeted again by Foreign Raiders On May 7 it was reported in The NT News that a high level delegation consisting of Chairman Landbridge Group Ye Cheng and Mayor of Rishao, Liu Xingtai of Shandong province in China is looking to invest and develop the East Arm cold storage facility. What’s of interest is that the company currently leasing the Port of Darwin is the Landbridge Group also based in Shandong. Yes we need investment but the balance of the agreements should favour Australia and leave Australians in control of the outcomes. Losing control over major infrastructure is irresponsible and opens

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No need to panic – says who!

Foreign ownership and control over Australian assets. Good or bad? Looking at it from a financial viewpoint one could say it’s good, on the other hand and not being overly pessimistic, should one worry about the surreptitious intention of foreign investors? Our elected ‘leaders’ tell us ‘No’ no need to worry, everything is under control. Really! I’m not so sure as are many other concerned Australians. Take a look at recent events The leasing of the Port of Darwin The almost done deal over the Kidman property Chinese looking at $35 Million Dollar Cold Storage Singapore soldiers infiltrating or

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Australians – Concerned!

Unfortunately governments cannot deliver all the requests and demands from all of the people all of the time. I’m not making excuses for the governments lack of due diligence when it comes to prioritising issues as it’s quite obvious that a recent ‘labour policy’ announcement by non other than Bill Shorten puts swimming lessons for all Australians at the top of the list. Obviously learning to swim is more important than learning to read and write. Can someone please explain his thinking? Obviously i never learnt to swim! Be careful what you ask for and who your vote goes