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Political Dementia

In a world that is moving ever so close to nuclear war Australian politicians have their heads still buried in the sand. Globally there are serious conflicts, some of which have been ongoing for decades, others just emerging as flashpoints with the potential to escalate into civil war. The recent threats from North Korea should stir our political mob into developing some rational defense strategy rather than relying on outdated agreements made decades ago with once strong allies. The playing field and the players have changed. America is a declining world power, Great Britain is no longer ‘great’ and

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Human Rights Commission!

Who are the real offenders when it comes to acrimonious propaganda being shoved in the face of every day Australians? Watching the latest tax payer funded advertising campaign by the Human Rights Commission one can only determine that it be disbanded and the bigots who continually put out this divisive propaganda should be deprecated for such actions. The HRC are the racists, they are creating such division within our nation and then blaming ordinary Australians, living ordinary lives for normal lifestyle choices. Politically correct, anti social bullshit is constantly being pushed in the face of ordinary Australians by the

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 3 October 2017

Queensland Polls Five months ago on Monday the first of May 2017 I broadcast an editorial on the subject of company tax, and the same editorial was rebroadcast over the whole of the Super Radio Network soon after 5am on Tuesday the second of May 2017 The subject of the editorial was the urgent need to slash company tax.  I said we should forget all that rubbish about reductions in company tax helping the big end of town. Everyone who listened to the Budget Reply Speech by Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten will have noticed that “the big

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Grant Goldman editorial 7 August 2017

Propaganda Nation: There is more hype being pumped from the refuse of all political party ranks and big business than at any other time in our once great nation’s young history. We are being saturated with a constant stream of fake news drivel by mainstream media outlets as well as being subjugated by greedy, power hungry and untrustworthy individuals whose hidden agendas are dangerous for the survival of Australian society as we remember it from our earlier more prosperous years past. In support of my remarks; just take a look at the NBN (National Broadband Network) roll out. It

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Grant Goldman editorial Friday 28 July 2017

  The senator Matt Canavan, ‘mamma did it’ scandal has already made the Italian press and for political junkies the section 44 constitutional crises are the political gift that never fails to enthral. Contrary to my earlier off-hand prediction that Australia’s very own Doctor Christmas; Senator Riccardo Di Natale wasn’t the third victim of the Australian parliaments’ most recent and ongoing democratically damaging political scandal; that being the constitutional question of a candidate’s overseas loyalty. Although, I did get the country right, Richard wasn’t so silly and knew in-advance of the potential pitfalls for his parliamentary career and ensured

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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 27 July 2017

Aged Neglect – Australia’s Forgotten Ones ‘It’s cold this morning, even wearing two pairs of socks can’t keep my feet warm. Sadly my physical attributes and earning capacity are diminishing; no one wants to employ you if you’re over 60. Blankets are the order for the day as I can’t afford electricity to heat the tiny rooms I call home; but at least it’s home for the moment’. What I’ve just read out is typical of many older peoples situation. Their great Australian dream faded a long time ago. Their contribution to Australia has been squandered by incompetent over

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 19 July 2017

Civilian Scott Ludlam, a Kiwi – Australian dual Citizen Resident of Western Australia was discovered to be a stranger lurking in the Australian senate by prominent WA Barrister, Dr John Cameron. Following nine years of public service as a Greens federal parliamentarian; he stunned the nation last Friday by instantly resigning from a job he never legally held. Not unlike an Indian fake doctor trawling NSW hospitals or the popular flaky character Kramer from the popular 90’s Seinfeld free to air sit-com series; when the aforementioned Kramer was hilariously ejected from a job for which he was never actually

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 14 July 2017

Malcolm in the MUDDLE? This week on Monday in London, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a speech to the Policy Exchange Think Tank in which he claimed that the Liberal Party is not a Conservative Party. Mr Turnbull called upon the spirit of Liberal Party founder Sir Robert Menzies to support his contention.  To quote Mr Turnbull: “The sensible centre, to use Tony Abbott’s phrase, was the place to be. It remains the place to be,” Mr Turnbull told the Policy Exchange think tank. “In 1944, Menzies went to great pains not to call his new centre-right party a conservative

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Labor Leftist Lobotomy

Over Paid Buffoons As we all know and are aware Australia is the land of ‘milk and honey’ with a booming economy and a multicultural society the envy of the world. Wow! That was a mouthful and I’m glad I could spit it out. The Tasmanian Opposition has been accused of moving to force “Middle Eastern” dress codes on school girls ahead of its annual state conference. This should be taken and understood by all who cherish the notion of democracy of exactly what the Australian Labor Party is all about. It is the precursor, in tandem with the

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Beware the Creeping Tiger

China’s state-controlled Yan­zhou Coal says the planned $US2.45 billion ($3.2B) purchase of Rio Tinto’s Hunter Valley coalmines by its Australian subsidiary, Yancoal, will give China a bigger say in coal price talks. Australia continues to sell off its abundant legacy of natural resources to the stealthy creep of the PRC and other nations. Soon we will no longer be masters of our own destiny but rather slaves to a dominant communist regime with global aspirations. Woe the day Australian governments began selling off Australia’s infrastructure and natural resources to foreign predators. Governments are selling your future to regimes that

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Political Disconnect – A Fragmented Nation

Stop Peddling Drivel The political game has changed and the political dinosaurs with their heads in the sand will continue to lose the traditional voting base that supported their views over previous decades. In an attempt to connect to social media savvy voters and to engage with the younger generation whilst keeping their faithful voter base the Libs have just released a new web site The Fair Go This poor attempt to seduce voters is no match for such organisations as the Getup movement. Once again the Libs knee jerk reaction to criticism goes to show how their due

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 16 May 2017

Budget Bandit politicians are at it again via another slanging match and bickering session. Don’t these Polly’s understand that the public has had enough of this annual pantomime? One side of politics is not much better than the other; the rhetoric is the same each year, the political posturing is sickening to listen to, let alone watch. But to be fair, some Polly’s may have genuine bold ambitions to change Australia for the better but are restricted by the back room boys and big business and it seems to be ‘profit before people’. Australia needs to be given back

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Grant Goldman Editorial for Thursday the 2nd of March 2017

Tony Abbott recently injected some much needed innovative policy formulations and differentiation with the sporting ALP and the One Nation parties into the national political debate. He was widely denounced by fake news outlets because it seemed to them that he was opaquely criticizing our dear glorious respected leader whose slender one seat working parliamentary majority (that itself includes as a single seat member the high profile Hon. Tony Abbott, a popular Current Warringah resident and still much loved immediate past former serving Australian Prime Minister). Now let me see if I can facetiously draw a really long bow

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Bureaucrats with their snouts in the trough

They’re at it again Federal bureaucrats have been granted a perk that forces taxpayers to pay their stamp duty when they buy a new home. – Reported in Gold Coast Bulletin February 6 2017 (Page 8). The trough gets deeper every day with thousands of snouts groveling around in the muck to feed on the hard working tax payers forced donations to a failing system. Angry? You could say that as millions of Australians are struggling to survive in a way overheated economy thanks to bad government decisions being made in the name of progress. But wait there is

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Political Facts

Grant Goldman Editorial for Wednesday 1st February 2017 There are some undeniable universal political truths which are applicable across the spectrum to every Politician. They are: All politics is local. A politician must be an effective local member advocate before assuming a higher office. Put simply one cannot be a Minister before being a humble backbencher. By firstly getting the suitable ideology in place; then, the politics will look after itself. One who practices the correct policy doctrine for the electorate will quickly find that their supporters will duly follow and political opportunities will present themselves. When democracy begins