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Yet again we the voting public are confronted with news of another ‘security breech’ where cyber hackers compromised computers of a national security contractor in July last year as reported by Sky News. Apparently the Government’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) only became aware of the hack last November. Amazing! The Defence Annual report 2012-13 contained an article entitled ‘New centre to strengthen cyber security’. The article continued saying ‘Cyber threats continue to evolve at a dramatic rate, so cyber defence remains a top national security priority for the Australian Government’. So what’s new since those prophetic statements were

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Grant Goldman editorial Tuesday 15 August 2017

Prakash Nation Yesterday I spoke about our Nation’s defence. In particular, our need to be equipped with economically viable military hardware and other capabilities against the threat of covetous nation states. However, in this era of asymmetric threats we need to be vigilant and prepared for the very real spectre of terrorism; especially of the extremist Islamist variant. An Australian man and so-called senior member of the Islamic State group is Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, or Neil Prakash. He was Melbourne born to a Cambodian mother and Fijian father. Converting from Buddhism to Islam in 2012 after supposedly being repulsed

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Grant Goldman Editorial Friday 16 June 2017

In November 1975 an unsuccessful approach was made to Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party in Iraq for a $US500,000 gift to help fund Labor’s 1975 election campaign. The co-instigators of the approach to the Iraqis were allegedly Opposition Leader Whitlam, prominent Victorian Socialist Left identity Bill Hartley and then ALP National Secretary from South Australia, David Combe. David Combe resigned as National Secretary in 1981 to start up his own lobbying business, and his timing was good as Bob Hawke won the March 1983 Election for Labor. Soon after the Hawke victory, David Combe was suspected by ASIO of being