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Australia not Islam

Australia not Islam What more evidence do Australian authorities need as proof that Islam does not accept or fit in with western values? Reverse the situation and if westerners acted that way toward their belief system we would be called out for being racist or suffering from islamophobia or whatever tag the bleeding hearts want to call it. We should leave these intemperate people to enjoy their lifestyle in their country under their barbaric laws and they should not be allowed to bring their hate of the west to our shores let alone migrate here. The Saudi Arabian soccer

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Blood on the Streets

When will Australian elected governments admit they got it wrong and are still getting it wrong when it comes to immigration policy by allowing radical activists, extremists and peoples with direct opposing views and radically violent beliefs to enter this country and settle here? The senseless killing of innocent people is a direct result of unchecked migration, unchecked subversion within Islamic communities, and migration of peoples from African countries who are enslaved to a violent existence. This is not necessarily their fault but rather the fault of their governments who openly encourage violence to support their power struggle. This

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Trump Trumpets Trump

The pictures say it all.  How embarrassing for our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to be humiliated by an egotistical lump like Trump. All Trump cares about is Trump. It’s a worrying situation to have such a megalomaniac with his finger on the nuclear button. America and the world should be worried. Hopefully Turnbull will return home with a renewed stamina for nationalism and with his focus on Australia and Australia’s interests. Hopefully he will realise that the world is bleeding Australia of its assets and resources. Trump wants us for our strategic geographic position and our trading channels to Asia. Australia

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Muslim Activists playing the ‘Victim’ game

The Victim Game – Q&A Here we are again, expected to kowtow to Muslim minority groups who expect preferential treatment using their ethnicity and faith as a battering ram to admonish Australia, its Anglo heritage and anything else they can dream up in the hope of getting a sympathetic ear. Actually all they are doing is widening the gap and alienating themselves as individuals and as a group from main stream Australian society with their surreptitious agendas in an attempt to divide and change Australia. As for wanting an apology from the ABC well that’s a perfect example of

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Jacqui Lambie on Q&A

‘Stop playing the victim, we’ve had enough,’ ‘Your ban got lifted get over it.’ Jacqui’s comments were directed toward Ms. Abdel-Magied in a Q&A program aired on the ABC last night. Well said Jacqui, we agree we don’t want Sharia Law in Australia and we should deport all people who seek to inflict terror on the people of Australia. If that means thousands then so be it. Australia has been too liberal with its immigration programs in the past and today we are seeing the emergence of Muslim radicalisation within some sections within our community. As the global landscape changes

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Australia Day Banner

Well said Prue MacSween. One would expect to see such a banner displayed in a Muslim country but not in Australia. Australia is not a Muslim country and those who surreptitiously attempt to make it so should be mindful of the millions of Australians they are offending. Whoever thought to display this banner was cavalier about the message they were sending as all it did was divide even further the rift between immigrants and citizens of Australia. Wherever you come from and no matter what religious belief you follow, if you are unhappy about this great country that took

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Finally Government Making Some Effort ……. Or are they?

Although there is some value to the government’s latest approach to fixing the problem of lifetime welfare dependent migrants and extremists coming to Australia they need to do more and show some real initiative. We would have thought that having some ability to understand and speak English be a mandatory requirement together with work skills enabling migrants to find work and to support themselves. Australia needs skilled migrants with social skills and an ethical approach to living and integrating into Australian society. Quizzing migrants on their employment history, their capacity to speak and understand English and their children’s school