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Grant Goldman editorial Wednesday 9 August 2017

Politicising the Powerhouse and Parramatta Part 2 (Part 1) Yesterday, I identified subjective media coverage by the Telegraph newspaper as bearing significant influence for the unexpected knee-jerk Powerhouse about face by the Premier. The resultant complete removal of the iconic Powerhouse museum from Ultimo to Parramatta could cost up to a billion taxpayer dollars plus putting at serious risk the future of an existing historic buildings as well as potential for damage of irreplaceable displays likely incurred during transportation. At no stage did the newspaper acknowledge the existing rich and underutilised cultural heritage already present in Parramatta, such as

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Grant Goldman editorial 8 August 2017

Sydney’s ‘Powerhouse Museum’ and our fast disappearing heritage. Part 1 Officially named as the museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, is the affectionately known Sydney Powerhouse Museum; which since 1988 has happily occupied the site from which it has been dubbed the Powerhouse; an historic 1902 converted electric tram power station in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Ultimo. Another branch of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences is located in the nearby Sydney Observatory. The museum’s main Ultimo site houses a diverse collection of technology encompassing decorative arts, science, communication, transport, costume, furniture, media, computer technology as

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Grant Goldman Editorial Wednesday 21 June 2017

Fed’s Contempt for Heritage? [Continued]  Australia Post first announced it intended placing all seven state capital city GPO’s on the market and it was then they previously maintained that a majority 60% stake would remain in Australian proprietorship; additionally a locally controlled trust would maintain a 40% holding. Independent advisers were appointed, public consultation initiated and likewise the process appeared to be quite sound. However and mysteriously that plan has since silently vanished. It seems that nobody had heard any more of the foreshadowed asset sales until an article suddenly appeared in the commercial property pages of the Australian

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Grant Goldman Editorial Tuesday 20 June 2017

Fed’s Contempt for heritage? (PART One) The Week before last in this segment entitled, “What price for heritage?”  I outlined concerns about our key cultural heritage. Since then, the latest news is that things just keep getting worse because chief areas of disquiet are just getting overlooked by our Federal Government. Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald [June 17] by writer Michael Evans and entitled, ‘Red-letter day for landmark GPO’. We learned of the impending completion of sale transfer of the current historic Sydney GPO Building and it is likely the finest and most outstanding architectural and artistically significant

Australian Heritage / Grant Goldman Editorial / Sydney 2SM Transcripts

Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 8 June 2017

What price for heritage! Recently we have seen a lack of care and respect to our historic colonial and cultural heritage from Councils, State and Federal Governments, major corporations and even the Lucy Turnbull run Greater Sydney Commission. I have been mentioning for a long time, my concerns regarding the controversial removal of the historic powerhouse Museum which is listed with the national trust and the risk of damage to its valuable contents. Hopefully, this was thought to be on the backburner after the Premier Gladys Berejiklian indicated that the move was most likely off. [Instead, a Powerhouse offshoot