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Grant Goldman editorial Monday 14 August 2017

Submarines Australians are getting fed up with a Defence Force which is concentrating on social engineering instead of doing its job. The job of the Defence Forces is to make certain that any potential enemy thinking of attacking Australia must know that they will be destroyed if they try it. The ADF exists to keep us safe.  The ADF does not exist for the purpose of encouraging gender reassignment.  It does not exist for the purpose of boosting the number of women who can be put at risk of being killed or maimed or raped in warfare.  The ADF

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Labor Leftist Lobotomy

Over Paid Buffoons As we all know and are aware Australia is the land of ‘milk and honey’ with a booming economy and a multicultural society the envy of the world. Wow! That was a mouthful and I’m glad I could spit it out. The Tasmanian Opposition has been accused of moving to force “Middle Eastern” dress codes on school girls ahead of its annual state conference. This should be taken and understood by all who cherish the notion of democracy of exactly what the Australian Labor Party is all about. It is the precursor, in tandem with the

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Scuttled Again!

It’s been some time since the public was updated on the progress of Australia’s defence purchases. It appears that the Australian governments purchase of 12 new submarines from the French company DCNS[1] will end up to be another mammoth disastrous decision similar to the debacle of the Collins Class submarines. Another concern is the purchase of military aircraft on order[2]. Worrying comments relating to the combat plane’s performance[3] are of concern, so why isn’t the government questioning these concerns? What is it about the politicians we elect that they don’t seem to have the capacity of logical thinking. The