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Freedom but at what expense? Freedom is one wonderful benefit of living in Australia. Look around the world at the repressive regimes delivering poverty and misery to their peoples. We should be embracing the positive aspects of our country but sadly sections of our community delight in creating division. Since the advent and explosion of social media all it takes is a few frustrated thoughtless people to post vexing comments on the likes of Facebook and Twitter and before you’ve finished your coffee the world is awakened to like-minded individuals, some of whom push their agenda into the political

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Australia Day 2017

It used to be a day of peace, harmony and celebration for those who wanted to celebrate, sadly look what it’s turning into. The Daily Mail reported that some actors, who I’ve never heard of, and some politicians have joined a social media campaign to change the date. It seems that every man and his dog that has some ‘thought bubble’ feels that it’s their right to challenge the practiced norms. That’s ok providing there is some logical thought process behind the movement and responsibility is taken for their actions. Social media has changed our lives and has changed