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Fake News – Fake Trump

Who really knows what’s going on within the Trump administration? Fake news, no news, lies and scandal, this is only the beginning, keep watching this channel for more entertaining adventures of Trump, Trump & Trump. This could make The Simpsons pale in comparison except for the fact that this is real time and the real world where glib comments, tweets and meaningless rhetoric can have serious consequences. This guy is a danger to himself and his country as he continues to engage his mouth before engaging his brain. Is it possible for a narcissistic ‘lover of women’ as he

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US General Michael Flynn (retired)

US President Donald Trump has blamed illegally leaked intelligence information for the downfall of his treasured personal pick as national security advisor General Michael Flynn. The New York Times has reported that US spy agencies had intercepted phone calls last year between Russian Intelligence and the Trump team. Although the Kremlin’s official spokesman Dmitry Peskov has denied these reports citing that anonymous sources had been quoted by the New York Times which appear to have the smell of more fake news by stating ‘They are not based on any facts and do not point to actual facts’. However, I

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Who is Roger Stone?

Roger Stone began his 40 year career in politics alongside Richard Nixon, as a special operations aide and then as his closest adviser. Also during this time Roger Stone has been a close friend, confidant, employee, chief political adviser and a behind the scenes man to the newly minted president of the Unites States, Donald J Trump. Since then he has become the ultimate authority on winning political or corporate communications campaigns in America and elsewhere around the world. He has just released a book entitled, “The making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a revolution” Trump