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Grant Goldman editorial Thursday 27 July 2017

Aged Neglect – Australia’s Forgotten Ones ‘It’s cold this morning, even wearing two pairs of socks can’t keep my feet warm. Sadly my physical attributes and earning capacity are diminishing; no one wants to employ you if you’re over 60. Blankets are the order for the day as I can’t afford electricity to heat the tiny rooms I call home; but at least it’s home for the moment’. What I’ve just read out is typical of many older peoples situation. Their great Australian dream faded a long time ago. Their contribution to Australia has been squandered by incompetent over

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Money, Money, Money

The Great Aussie Rip Off It’s all about money. Rich, young Chinese are one sector of Chinese society buying up big in Australia. According to the Daily Mail online they snap up 25% of all new properties on the market with 20% left empty. The housing market has become an investment cash cow for many foreign investors driving up property values as they compete amongst each other leaving Australian first home buyers unable to match their spending power. Australian governments, present and past have jeopardised the future of many young Australians by putting profit before its citizens welfare. The